Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Maglev Stalker

The Maglev Chaser is one of six “hidden” vehicles in tower of fantasy. Getting the components you need to make it isn’t easy, and the Maglev Stalker part is the more difficult of the two parts to find. It’s a rare drop from a bunch of enemies scattered across the map. The chances of getting it are also slim, so expect to grind for at least a while to get it.

This tower of fantasy Guide will show you the three locations and enemies you need to find to get the Maglev Stalker.

Position of the Maglev Stalker part

To get the Maglev Stalker, You have to farm three world mini bosses called Vermin Brothers, enemies of the Hyena faction in big mech suits. The fights themselves are easy enough, but actually making the stalker fall is anything but.

Each of the three mini-bosses has a very low chance of dropping the item, and once killed they have a five minute respawn timer. That’s usually enough time to defeat them all and start over, but if you’re extremely efficient, expect to have to wait a bit.

Where can I find the Vermin Brothers?

The Vermin Brothers are in Astra and Banges Strongholds called Rat’s Dens.

Astra bug brother: Gamma Mouse Squeaky

The Rat’s Den Squeaky is located on the southeastern part of Astra Island. It is the only large fort on the coast. Gamma Mouse Squeaky is on a platform on the east side of the camp.

Anxious Vermin Brother 1: Delta Mouse Jed

The rat den where Vermin Brother Jed lives is located in the southwest of Banges on the coast road. If you approach from the east, you’ll see him and his mech leaning against the largest building in the fort, surrounded by his Hyena buddies.

Anxious Vermin Brother 2: Alpha Mouse Mitch

The third Vermin Brother lives in the far northeast of Banges on the coast. The fortress is wide open and manned not only by hyenas but also by a treasure guard mech dog. There are a lot more enemies here, so expect a tougher fight. Make this the last stop on your route and once you’ve defeated Mitch, return to Astra to start the cycle again, assuming you didn’t catch the stalker.

Depending on your luck, you might not have to fight these three enemies more than a few times, but you can also spend hours switching back and forth between them without any Maglev Stalker drops.

As far as we know, there is no bad luck protection, so it all depends on RNG. Of course, luck is what gacha games like tower of fantasy is everything spinning, what else is new? Good luck farming for the Maglev Stalker parts! You can find more instructions and tips here.

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