Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Turkey

While Tower of Fantasy The players of the Aida Cafe event are tasked with running their own cafe, serving customers and preparing a number of different dishes. In order to do this, players will need to purchase a selection of different cooking ingredients so they can prepare the various dishes for the cafe and this guide will explain where to find turkey.

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Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-world action role-playing game developed by Hotta Studio, a subsidiary of Perfect World. The planet Aida was contaminated by Omnium, a strange and powerful radioactive energy, during a cataclysm that almost ended humanity and changed the ecology of the entire planet. The game takes place 50 years after the disaster, with the scientific organization Hykros continuing to investigate Omnium while a shadowy organization called The Heirs of Aida resists. Players take on the role of wanderers, exploring the strange planet of Aida and delving into its history and mysteries.


Where can I find Turkey?

During the Aida Café event, players run their own café, so knowing where to find the necessary ingredients is important. One of those ingredients is turkey, which is used in the recipes for turkey and beet soup, braised turkey with apples, and roast drumstick with vegetables.

One of the easier ways to acquire turkey is to go to Astra and hunt big hyenas. In addition to their usual item drops, they also have a chance to drop turkey for the duration of the Aida Cafe event. It’s not a guaranteed drop, though, so players might hunt for a while to acquire enough turkey.

Another possible method of acquiring turkey is by defeating world bosses, which have a chance to drop one of the event’s limited ingredients during the Aida Cafe event. Of course, this depends on whether players find fighting a world boss a worthwhile endeavor for the ingredients.

What is turkey used for?

Turkey is used for several recipes in the Aida Cafe event. The first of these recipes is Braised Turkey with Apples. This is Pepper and Ene’s favorite entree and calls for turkey, broccoli, potato, and apple.

The second recipe that uses turkey is Roast Drumstick with Vegetables. This is the favorite side dish of Claudia, Ene, King, Pepper, Samir and Zero. In addition to turkey, mushrooms and lettuce are also needed.

The third and final recipe that uses turkey is turkey and beet soup, the soup of choice for King, Tsubasa, and Zero. In addition to turkey, mushrooms and potatoes are needed.

Tower of Fantasy is available for PC, Android and IOS.

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