Town centres, parks and sporting facilities in Charnwood set for revamps

Town centres, parks and sports facilities across Charnwood are set to be beautified following a £4million government cash injection. Charnwood Borough Council asked for ideas on how to spend the money from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and was overwhelmed by the response.

The council has now narrowed it down to ten projects in Sileby, Shepshed, Birstall, Mountsorrel and Loughborough to be funded through the Future Charnwood Investment Plan.

Councilor Jonathon Morgan said: “I now look forward to these projects taking shape and making Charnwood’s future a much brighter one.”

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“The projects included in the investment plan will benefit all corners of the district and benefit thousands of residents. I am delighted that we can now advance the Future Charnwood Investment Plan using the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to take Charnwood to a new level. ”

Sileby Municipal Council proposed one of the projects to improve the village’s memorial park and sports pavilion. It will receive nearly £500,000 of funding, which will be used to improve the park’s main entrance and provide better pedestrian access.

Works include creating a circular loop around the park for strollers, upgrading the multi-purpose play area and adding a new children’s play area. The sports pavilion will be remodeled so that it can also be used as a meeting place, a CBC spokesman said.

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