Tweet to a smaller crowd with Twitter Circle; here is how to use

Twitter users can now use Twitter Circle to tweet to a smaller crowd. Here are the steps to create it.

Twitter recently launched Twitter Circle. It allows users to tweet to a smaller crowd. With Twitter Circle, people have the flexibility to choose who can see and interact with their content on a tweet-by-tweet basis. This makes it easier to have more intimate conversations and form closer connections with select followers. The feature is available to everyone worldwide on iOS, Android and “Twitter Circle is a way to tweet to select people and share your thoughts with a smaller crowd. You choose who’s in your Twitter Circle, and only the people you’ve added can reply to and interact with the tweets you share in the Circle,” the social networking platform shared.

According to the information provided by Twitter, a person can have only one Twitter circle and contain up to 150 people in it. Before you post to Twitter, you’ll see an option to share your tweet with either your circle or your full list of followers. Tweets sent to your circle will appear with a green badge underneath. They can only be seen by those you have chosen in your circle and cannot be retweeted or shared. In addition, all replies to these tweets are private even if your Twitter account is public. How the Twitter Circle works:

Twitter Circle: How to create and manage

You can manage your Twitter circle from your Tweet composer or the main menu. It can be noted that if you need to add or remove someone, that person will not be notified. You can start setting up, adding, and removing people from your Twitter circle using the edit button that appears when you select the Twitter circle as the audience for a tweet you compose.

How to manage your Twitter circle from the main menu

Step 1:

Tap Twitter circle.

Step 2:

Under Edit your Twitter circle, use search to find and select people you want in your circle, or select someone from the recommended list. Next to the name, tap Add/Remove.

Step 3:

From the main menu, select Tweet to open the tweet composer.

Step 4:

Choose Everyone to display the Select Audience menu in the Tweet Composer.

Step 5:

Next to the Twitter circle option, select Edit.

Step 6:

Under Edit your Twitter circle, use search to find and select people you want in your circle, or select someone from the Featured list. Next to their name, select Add/Remove.

Step 7:

Click the X to continue composing your tweet. Now when you select Tweet, only your Twitter circle can view and reply to the tweet you created.

How to share a tweet with your Twitter circle

You will share Twitter Circle tweets the same way you share public tweets. After you open the Tweet composer, select Everyone to display the Choose Audience menu. Select Twitter Circle as the audience, then compose and share your tweet.

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