Unique Sporting Activities for Chicagoland Kids

It’s official: we’ve hit winter where the sun is shining but it’s not quite warm enough to play outside every day. If cabin fever hasn’t swept your family yet, it’s probably only a matter of time before they do. If you feel like you’ve exhausted your usual indoor activities, try throwing these unique athletics into the rotation.

Whether your child isn’t interested in the usual competitive sports or your elite athlete wants a break from the commute between practice and games, these quirky Chicagoland sports activities are sure to be a hit.

  • Where: Locations in Chicago, Naperville and Vernon Hills

Mix up lacrosse, basketball and go-kart with this outrageous game. It takes enough skill to keep your competitive kids invested, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is at a disadvantage. WhirlyBall is both a game of chance and skill, and driving around in a bumper car means the playing field is level in terms of agility and speed.

Bubble Soccer

What’s more fun than playing soccer? Play soccer in an inflatable bubble that lets you bump and roll across the field! The team of Bubble Soccer is fully mobile, meaning you secure the playing field (like a local park or field) and they bring the fun to you! Bubble soccer rentals are perfect for birthday parties or family gatherings.


Knockerball Chicago takes the idea of ​​bubble soccer to a new level. Step up classic kids games like sharks and minnows, or start by bouncing and spinning around in an inflatable bubble. Players can visit their Naperville location and play on their 3200 square foot turf, or they can book their own venue and the knockerball team will come to you!

throw ax

Practice your aim and power by taking on the kids’ ax throwing. In this exciting activity, participants throw an ax at a target in a safe environment with many safety precautions. Check out these kid-friendly ax throwing spots to find a venue near you.

indoor skydiving

  • Where: Locations in Chicago, Naperville and Rosemont

The sky is, uh, actually a bit over the limit when going indoor skydiving I fly. Fly in an indoor wind tunnel that offers the adrenaline rush of skydiving with significantly fewer risks than actually jumping out of an airplane.


Thrill seekers of all ages eagerly await Chicagoland’s adventure park, the forgeto reopen in March. The signature attraction is climbing, grappling and ziplining over hundreds of obstacles in The Quarry. There is also a smaller Kids Adventure Zone for children who are not yet old enough for the main attraction.

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