What Is Data Visualization And How To Use It For SEO

Planning and executing an excellent SEO strategy is essential for any digital marketing campaign.

However, the effort requires data to tell the story in a way that resonates with our customers.

But trawling through pools of numbers can be tedious and mentally draining. This is where data visualization comes into play.

Data visualization puts your data (numbers) in a visual context, e.g. a chart, graph, or map. It also helps create data stories that convey insights clearly.

Without visualizing data to extract insights, trends, and patterns, the chances of getting support from other departments decrease. The best data visualizations decompose complicated data sets to present a concise and clear message.

Read on to learn more about data visualization, what it means and how to use it for your SEO campaign.

Types of data visualizations

For years, the easiest way to create data visualizations was to add information to an Excel spreadsheet and turn it into a chart, graph, or table.

Although the method is still effective, it has seen some updates over the past few decades.

Today’s options allow users to create sophisticated data visualizations, including:

  • Bullet Charts.
  • Animated charts.
  • Radial Trees.
  • Interactive charts.
  • bubble clouds.
  • data art.
  • heat maps.
  • dashboards.
  • infographics.

And many more.

This is an example of data visualization to show a website's crawl hierarchy.Screenshot from cryingfrog.co.uk, August 2022

The above is an example of data visualization to show a website’s crawl hierarchy.

How to choose the right visualization type

Choose the right visualization type to communicate your message effectively.

Before it begins:

  1. Identify the key message you want to communicate and summarize it in one short sentence.
  2. Find the data you need to communicate your message and also consider simplifying it to make that message clearer.
  3. Consider the type of data you have, e.g. B. Comparisons, trends, patterns, distribution and geographic data.
  4. Consider what type of ad is simple and grabs the audience’s attention.
  5. Like all web content, your visualization should be accessible to all users.
  6. Consider the information to include in the visualization and readers can understand and interpret the data.

Importance of data visualization

Modern companies generate huge amounts of data through machine learning.

Although excellent, we need to sort, filter and explain the information; Therefore, it makes sense for stakeholders and business owners.

Data visualization allows you to quickly identify patterns and trends in your SEO strategy. Visualization makes it easy and fast to convey insights. Making data visualization a habit in your organization offers several benefits.

Build robust value propositions

It’s easy to express to stakeholders or customers how and why your products are good, but not so easy for the same people to understand what you’re saying.

Visualizing your data is an excellent strategy that can help you generate more ideas. The strategy can also convert website traffic into sales, thereby contributing to the success of a business.

Enable faster and easier communication

All companies want to advertise their products to the public. But few people take the time to read tons of words.

Instead, simplify the message into visual content that is easy to present.

More people focus on visual data than text. The visuals help to capture and persuade the attention of potential customers, customers and investors.

As a result, this helps drive traffic to your business, leading to success.

Analyze patterns and trends

Economic sectors depend on certain patterns and trends. It is your job to make decisions based on market patterns and trends.

Visualizing data summarizes the entire process of identifying current and future opportunities.

The data also helps business owners match prudent decision makers to the market situation.

motivate team members

Business success depends on the effort that team members put into the process. Every member of your organization is happy when the company makes progress.

Data visualization can help identify the company’s starting position and the direction in which it is moving.

The process can motivate team members to work harder and take your business to greater heights.

Improve the customer experience

The visualization of data plays a crucial role in improving the customer experience. The data makes it easy to ensure that customers are happy and that their needs are met.

Data visualization makes it easy to shape, filter, and de-separate data as needed.

Data visualization and SEO

SEO data has a significant impact on keyword search volume, which contributes to a website’s ranking.

Keyword search volume is the number of times visitors search for a specific keyword over a given period of time. The term also refers to the number of people interested in a keyword.

SEO data is also vital for organic traffic in various aspects of online marketing. The latter is the number of visitors to your website.

Page speed is another important SEO practice that determines the reliability of your website.

Your online visitors don’t have time to wait for a page to load. In addition, page speed also affects your position in the search engine.

Using data visualization to improve SEO

Visualizing your data has a significant impact on interpretation. The visualization can help show the search volume for different keyword sets that you might want to use in your next campaign.

Visualization tools can also present a detailed analysis of your website from an SEO point of view.

Presenting your content in charts and graphs helps audiences understand every aspect of an SEO campaign.

Increase SEO Skills

Data visualization can help improve your SEO strategies in a number of ways. Here are the most effective areas in this visualization that help boost SEO.

competitive analysis

Working on your SEO strategy also means evaluating what the competition is doing. The analysis helps you understand what needs to be done and which areas need improvement.

Visualization can help you:

  • Determine the social media strength of competitors.
  • Find top competitors for a keyword.
  • Analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles.
Keyword difficulty distributionAuthor’s screenshot, August 2022

The above is an example of using a bar chart to visualize keyword difficulty distribution of current keyword rankings.

Backlink Analysis

The visualization will also help you in creating an effective link building campaign.

Items to analyze include:

  • Link geographic locations.
  • quality of backlinks.
  • The distribution of backlink anchor text.


Data visualization is an essential contributor to the success of any business practice.

What makes visualization crucial is its ability to visually convey complicated data sets.

Anything that can condense large amounts of data into infographics, charts, and graphs is a winning recipe.

It is clear that incorporating visualization into your digital marketing efforts also increases SEO skills.

In addition, the visualization of your data plays an important role in business development and SEO decisions.

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