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Public defenders rejoice – the ass-kicking superhero of the legal profession has finally made it to the big screen with Marvel’s debut She-Hulk: Lawyera spin-off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the same vein as Mrs Miracle and moon knight. Tatyana Maslany stars 30-year-old attorney Jennifer Walters, who gains some of the powers of her cousin Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, through a mistaken blood transfusion. The resulting attention threatens to upend the normal life she’s built, but finding a date and winning her cases may soon be the least of her worries.

As the last character created by the comic book titan stan lee for Marvel Comics until his return to the industry in 1992, She-Hulk’s debut marked the epilogue of one of the most beloved (and substantive) eras in comics history. As such, she occupies an odd place in the Marvel canon. She’s had her share of serious stories, but she’s also become a vehicle for self-assured comedy – back in 1989 she broke the fourth wall to crack jokes and berate her artist at the expense of the comics industry John Byrnelong before Deadpool made similar jokes his gimmick.


Tatiana Maslany will be taking on the role of Jennifer Walters, and she’s a perfect fit – she’s best known for her starring roles (roles, plural!) on the sci-fi thriller series orphan blackand her most recent credit is for the legal drama of the time PerryMason. She has joined Ginger Gonzaga (space forces) as Nikki, Jennifer’s best friend and source of sound advice; and Jameela Jamil (The good place) as antagonist Titania, an all-powerful social media influencer whose super strength is matched only by her obnoxiousness.

Additionally, several actors from across the MCU will be reprising their roles for this project. The most important among them is natural Markus Ruffalo (The Avengers, I know so much is true), again in green as Bruce Banner. He has joined Timo Roth (The incredible Hulk, pewter star) as Emil Blonsky aka Abomination; Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange, Marco Polo) as Wong, current holder of the Sorcerer Supreme title; and Charlie Cox (relationship) returns as Jennifer’s fellow superhero attorney, Matt Murdock aka daredevilreprising his role from the Netflix show of the same name, which was canceled in 2018.

She-Hulk: Lawyerexecutive producer will be Kat Coiro, who will also direct the first six episodes of the series. She previously directed the pilot episode of girl5eva and directed and co-produced the comedy film life happens. Coiro is assisted by a senior writer Jessica Gaowhose previous credits include Rick & Morty and robot chicken.

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We begin with a familiar voice talking about scenes of violence and disaster, trying to sway Jennifer to the superhero side. We get our first (partial) shot of She-Hulk before moving on to our first shot of Jennifer Walters, who introduces herself as a lawyer and shows us the parts of her life that she appreciates: “great friends, a demanding job and a frustrating family.” Joining that family is a fan favorite: Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, is now fully integrated and in control of his transformation following the events of Avengers: Endgame. Bruce has taken on the responsibility of training Jennifer to do the same. “The transformations are triggered by anger and fear,” explains Bruce. “That’s like the baseline of every woman in existence right now,” Jennifer shoots back. While she’s not wrong, most women don’t get locked in a box and threatened with saw blades. The threat successfully triggers Jennifer’s transformation, much to Bruce’s delight (at first).

Speaking of being locked in a box of saw blades, we cut to Jennifer being pursued by the press. “I just want to be a regular, anonymous lawyer,” she complains, to which her friend replies, “Jenn, you’re a story now.” The trailer then kicks off with a series of shots of Jennifer trying to mix her old and new Balancing Life: Hanging out with friends in their green skin gives way to fighting an attacker; training with Bruce in exchange for drinks with her best friend; Going green into what appears to be a courtroom, and finally a look at the perennial antagonist Abomination. The trailer leaves us with Jennifer facing another terrible challenge: online dating. Luckily for her, some guys are into strong women.

When and where will She-Hulk: Attorney at Law be released?

She-Hulk: Lawyer will premiere on August 18, 2022 exclusively on Disney+.

What is the plot of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law?

Like the protagonist herself, the plot of She Hulk should be divided into two parallel arcs. The first concerns Jennifer’s “real” life and how it’s being turned upside down by her newfound transformation: not only will her relationships, career, and dating life be transformed by becoming the She-Hulk, but also by all the attention , which she receives from it. The other storyline will be the standard superhero action fare we’ve come to expect from Marvel Studios: Jennifer expresses her reluctance to join the ranks of this world’s flashy armored superheroes and her penchant for property damage, but from the small glimpses of carnage and Danger From the trailer, it’s pretty clear that the only choice she might have is how she reacts when Danger knocks on her door.

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