Why a Carlton loss would lead to “one of the great sporting chokes”

Kane Cornes believes it would be “one of the great sporting chokes” if Carlton missed the final.

The Blues will likely need to beat arch-rivals Collingwood at Sunday’s MCG to retain their place in the top eight and qualify for a first series of finals since 2013.

Michael Voss’ side looked menacing in the first half of the season, finishing in the top four for a long time before losing six of the last nine and falling to a precarious eighth place they currently hold.

To play the Finals in 2022, the Blues must win this weekend or rely on the ninth-placed Western Bulldogs losing to Hawthorn in Sunday’s earlier game, which will overlap with the start of their game.

Cornes says it would be a tough scenario for blues fans to miss the eight.

He continued Whateley of SEN: “How do we accept the fact that this could be a successful year if Carlton doesn’t make it to the final?

“I can’t imagine at all how this could be a success for Carlton or a tic when they lose and miss their fourth straight game leading up to the final.

“That would be one of the greatest sport chokes we have ever seen.

“I understand there are injuries and all that, but after round 15 it was 10-4. There’s no way you can miss the final (from there).”

Cornes says it’s got to a point where Carlton’s core of stars simply needs to experience finals football to get the club where the expectant fans want them to be.

“I look at some of their players and how important it is for them to play finals,” he added.

“Patrick Cripps 158 games, captain of the club. How many finals? None, no finals for Patrick Cripps.

“This is a guy who is no longer a young player. He’s the leader of a big club and didn’t play in September. Unbelievable to think that.

“Sam Walsh, 81 games, future club captain, zero finals.

“Jacob Weitering, 132 games, zero finals. Harry McKay, zero, Charlie Curnow, zero.

“These are the main superstars, high-paying players of Carlton Footy Club. You didn’t see September football.”

Sunday’s clash with the Magpies, who are desperate to win themselves to secure a place in the top four, has tremendous “one-win” energy for the Blues, according to Cornes.

“You have to find a way. Some games you just have to win,” he continued.

“You have to win on Sunday and be there in September.

“I’m not giving them a way out in any way. They were 8-2, they were 10-4. They can’t choke like they possibly can and miss the finale.

“You must let Patrick Cripps guide you into September for the first time.”

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