Why Agents Need to Unplug (and How to Do It)

what you need to know

  • Sure, you have a plan for Monday.
  • Saturday and Sunday are yours.
  • An incentive: you never know who you will meet.

Agents need to unplug and relax from time to time.

Established agents have to do it. Newer agents with rigid targets have to do it. Everyone must do it.

Taking some time off can lead you to do more business.

Here are nine reasons why:

1. You need balance in your life.

Imagine the following.

You wake up, go to the office, look for clients all day, go home, have dinner, go to sleep, and repeat the process every day.

What a gloomy life. It would be like being a monk in a monastic order dedicated to financial services. Your gloomy attitude would come through in your voice when speaking to prospects.

Instead of this: Set aside several mornings a week to hit the gym.

2. Get out into the fresh air at the weekend.

Meet up with friends for a drink or dinner on Friday.

It gives you something to look forward to. The time out will help you suck your head.

The human brain works in unusual ways.

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t remember something and it comes to you in the middle of the night? Your brain is a creative tool.

You might try to think of a good prospecting strategy and get nothing.

At the weekend you work in your garden and inspiration strikes.

Instead of this: When you’re doing something outside of work, sometimes your brain gives you great business ideas.

3. Give it a chance.

You will not meet HNW people while chained to your desk.

Years ago I visited an office in Beverly Hills where the manager was doing what he thought was generous but short-sighted.

They bought lots of pot noodles and other convenience foods so the newer consultants could eat at their desks instead of leaving the office, buying lunch, and enjoying it outside.

I’d seriously like to pick up the pot noodle bill through a competitor if the consultants would agree never to go out for lunch and mingle with the Beverly Hills locals.

Instead of this: Get picked up from your desk, go outside and buy lunch at a place likely to attract local professionals and business owners.

4. Sit next to other people and start polite conversations.

You will see her again and again. You return to the office refreshed.

Vacation recharges your batteries.

I’ve always thought that many agents and consultants slogged through the summer and then after Labor Day rolled up their sleeves to get on with their business and end the year strong.

In other words, take a vacation when your prospects and customers are gone too.

Instead of this: Even if your vacation is visiting your sister in the next state, you’ll be away from the office and come back refreshed and with a clear head.

5. Unplug the power cord when you leave.

I always thought cell phones were like leashes. They can always bring you back into the world of work.

The opposite also applies.

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