Why Is Apple Music So Slow? How to Speed It Up

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Apple Music’s app is one of the app-based streaming service’s biggest weaknesses, which doesn’t seem ideal. Whether you’re on your iPhone or your Mac, the app has never been known for being particularly fast. Especially Reddit users love complain about that. If you’ve found the Apple Music app to be excruciatingly slow, there are a few tricks to speed things up.

Disable Apple Music social features

Apple Music includes some social features that are supposedly meant to help you discover new music shared by other users. Disabling it should reduce how often you have to suffer through the app loading animation.

To do this on iPhone, open the Music app listen now tab and select your profile icon. Deactivate Contacts on Apple Music and Allow search by Apple ID. Next, tap notifications and disable friend activity and artists and shows.

You can also turn off these settings in the Music app on your Mac, where they are located at Account Menu in the Music app.

These tweaks should significantly reduce the time it takes Apple Music to load search results, recommendations, and other pages.

Completely delete your Apple Music social profile

If disabling social features doesn’t speed up the app, you should delete your Apple Music social profile immediately. You’ll lose access to the Friends Mix playlist and other music recommendations that are generated based on what your friends are listening to, and your publicly shared playlists may also stop working as intended, but the trade-off in speed might be worth it.

Open the Music app again listen now tab and tap the profile icon in the corner. Choose show profiletap the To edit scroll down and select delete profile.

To do the same in the Music app for your Mac, click the listen now Tab in the sidebar and click on your profile icon. click To edit and select delete profile.

In my experience, deleting my social profile has definitely improved my performance. Apple Music’s loading bar appears less often, and even with the VPN on, it doesn’t take long for the songs to start playing.

Find an alternative Apple Music app

There are many great alternatives that make Apple Music feel a lot faster than the stock apps.

On your iPhone or iPad, you can use apps such as Marvis Pro ($7.99) or Pity ($6.99) that let you enjoy almost all of Apple Music’s best features, minus the bloat.

On your Mac or PC, Apple Music’s web player might also give you a smoother experience, especially if you’re using an older device. Open music.apple.com Sign in to your browser and you’re all set.

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