Why isn’t Bill Belichick in Madden 23? One of NFL’s most recognizable coaches still doesn’t have virtual avatar

Bill Belichick is unique. From his blunt responses to media questions to his seeming disdain for traditional squad management, he is one of football’s most eccentric coaches.

The Patriots coach is also different in that he doesn’t appear in the Madden franchise, which is the only video game licensed by the NFL. Instead, the Patriots are led by a nondescript man named “NE Coach” or a myriad of randomly generated names.

Madden’s release is a huge video game event every year, and every year Belichick’s absence is noted.

Ironically, Belichick is missing precisely because EA Sports owns the NFL license. Belichick is the only coach not a member of the National Football League Coaches Association, and he hasn’t been a part of the game since 2005. Since he has his own likeness, EA Sports had to replace Belichick with randomly generated characters.

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Neither Belichick nor his mentor, Bill Parcells, are in the NFLCA, but there’s no stated reason for that. A 2012 article by Dan Wetzel raised the question with no definitive answer.

Belichick loves this sort of thing, say his friends and associates, who never want to be quoted when they talk about him at length.

He loves it because he hates so much of the nonsense that surrounds football, has long despised league office and has a rebellious streak that finds more pleasure in taking a defiant stand than in cashing a cheque. Rather than deliver a rant about the NFL’s sideshow nature, he would prefer the passive-aggressive nature of a quiet protest and hope the world picks up on it.

With that in mind, here’s a definitive list of the best names Belichick got from the inventor of the Madden name:

5.Josh Moore

Josh Moore attends a high school in a small town in Ohio. He’s part of the basketball team, but he belongs on the defensive line. He’s reportedly a center, but he lacks footwork and he’s struggling to catch a dribble.

Moore averaged 26 points per game as a freshman, but when he hit JV and the other high schoolers caught up with him, he became an offensive black hole. Some say he’s peaked. He thinks he’s just getting started. Some are right.

4. Griffin Murphy

Griffin Murphy attended an Ivy League school and his knowledge of football reflects that. He once attempted to sue a defensive coordinator who ran a new blitz against him. Though Griffin is now an NFL head coach, he still hasn’t studied the film of that Blitz.

While there are many perks to a name like Griffin Murphy, heir to the Murphy half of the Johnston & Murphy shoe empire, his father is largely disappointed that he went to football, calling it “a sport for the rabble.”

3. Hal Ophamer

The only name on this list that doesn’t sound like popping his collar, Hal Ophamer is a writer. He’s sensitive, he cares about the world. Above all, he appreciates the value of a good hybrid defense.

Ophamer is doing his best, but he’s a bit overwhelmed. He kept calling Richard Seymour “Rich” to try to connect with him. Seymour absolutely hated it. Today, Ophamer is back as a high school coach. Last year they placed third in the state in Division III.

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2. NE trainer

He is gorgeous. He is easy. He is the NE trainer.

NE Coach only knows football. He hasn’t spoken to anyone off the grid in 17 years. Once someone asked him to pick up their purchases. He ignored them and made them do up-downs until they had the motivation to do it themselves.

NE Coach is the reason Tom Brady left New England. Brady was fed up with his competitive spirit being dwarfed. NE Coach drafted Mac Jones just to prove he could turn someone whose nickname is McCorkle into the next Tom Brady.

1st Chad champion

Chad Masters is one of the few player-coaches in the NFL. He supported Tom Brady for seven years before abruptly retiring, which no one noticed or took notice of.

Champions shouldn’t even be in the football world. He only joined the college team to pay his student dues after his father was arrested for embezzlement. But he had such a damn good clipboard that the Patriots just couldn’t pass him on in the 2007 draft.

Teams inquired about Masters, but the Patriots kept saying he wasn’t available. One team offered Chase Daniel directly for him, but the Patriots turned it down. Eventually, some teammates began replacing his first name with “The.” Chad joined the NFLCA as soon as he got the opportunity.

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