World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to unlock flying

While it’s been possible to fly in World of Warcraft Shadowlands for a while now, after a hiatus, you may be unsure how to do it.

It makes sense to do whatever it takes to make travel a little easier with the introduction of Season 4, the last major update in the current expansion, especially if you’re leveling up last-minute alternates.

It’s a fantastic idea to jump in and start preparing now as Dragonflight isn’t releasing until later this year. You will also be in the same situation as many other players when it comes to discovering the optimal routes and new mechanics as the Mythic+ dungeon pool changes for this final season.

Here’s everything you need to know about flying in the WoW Shadowlands, so dust off your flying mounts and get ready to soar through the skies.

How to unlock flying in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Venthyr

After joining a Covenant, you must complete the following three steps to unlock flight in the four Shadowlands Covenant territories: Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth. The following steps have come officially Blizzard Games.

  1. Conquer Glory 44. To speed this up, complete the Covenant plan along the way.
  2. Complete Chapter 4 of the Chains of Domination campaign, which contains The Last Seal.
  3. Get the Memories of Sunless Skies icon and you can fly in all zones of Shadowlands for your entire account. If the first two conditions are met, this achievement should be available automatically.

How to get renown in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Necrolord

As mentioned before, you can’t even think about flying until you reach reputation level 44. There are a few tasks you can do to gain more reputation:

  1. You can take the small amounts of anima you receive as a reward for completing world quests to your federal sanctuary.
  2. Complete the chapters for the alliance of your choice.
  3. Rescue the lost souls and bring them to your covenant sanctuary. Once a week, get this, go to the Maw and save the souls you find there.

The above tasks must be completed, but brand new characters and those who haven’t been active in Shadowlands can also use the following catch-up techniques to gain Renown faster and fill in the gaps:

  1. Accept the Covenant calls.
  2. Complete PvP goals.
  3. Kill the weekly world boss.
  4. Torghast quests end with players receiving Ashes of Souls.
  5. Complete any raids and dungeons via LFR and Dungeon Finder.
  6. This also applies to any missions for dungeons that Oribos may have given you, even missions for Mythic and Mythich+ dungeons.

Available flight zones in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Night Fae

Flying is available in the following Shadowland zones:

  • Ardenwald
  • bastion
  • Maldraxxus
  • Revendreth

This means players don’t have to worry about meeting all reputation criteria, 100% area exploration, or other pre-Shadowlands Pathfinder-style requirements. To get the achievement, simply progress through the campaign to the required point, earning every Covenant Glory along the way.

Any level 60 player should be able to quickly complete these requirements if they focus on the work at hand and ignore side quests and other distractions along the road, as there have been several catching up changes.

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