World Series of Warzone 2022: How to Watch, Teams

The World Series of Warzone 2022 will be the second edition of Call of Duty’s largest battle royale tournament, with two $300,000 prize pools to be shared and earned among trios in North America and Europe.

Here’s a breakdown of how to watch the World Series of Warzone 2022 and its teams.

The World Series of Warzone 2022 will feature two Caldera Call of Duty: Warzone online competitions with $300,000 up for grabs: WSOW North America and WSOW EU.

World Series of Warzone 2022 competitive structure

World Series of Warzone 2022 Competition Structure / Image courtesy of Activision

The main competitions of the WSOW will consist of trios and each region will consist of three stages:

  1. WSOW open in game
  2. WSOW qualification
  3. WSOW finals

WSOW open in game

The WSOW In-Game Open took place from August 12th to 15th and saw players who registered their teams at GameBattles earn WSOW Points towards promotion in the WSOW BR Trios public playlist.

The top 40 trios that progressed to the WSOW North America and WSOW EU Qualifiers are listed here.

WSOW qualification

The top 40 trios from the in-game open in each region, who have also met all eligibility requirements, will advance to the WSOW qualifiers.

Each regional qualifier consists of a 5-match series in a custom WSOW ranked lobby, with the top 20 trios in each region’s qualifier advancing to their region’s WSOW Finals.

The WSOW qualifiers will both be streamed live on, with the Europe qualifier on Saturday, August 20 at 12:00 p.m. ET and the North America qualifier on Sunday, August 21 at 3:00 p.m. 12:00 a.m. ET to take place.

WSOW finals

Finally, the top 20 trios of qualifiers in each region will face 20 invited trios from their respective regions at the WSOW Finals events.

The invited trios are said to be players invited by Activision to participate, including representatives from Call of Duty League teams. The invited players themselves have yet to be officially announced by Activision, apart from just one trio: DiazBiffle, Repullze and SuperEvan.

Each region’s finals will consist of a 5-match series in a custom lobby using $200,000 in WSOW scoring prizes.

The WSOW Finals will both return live on, with the Europe Finals on Tuesday, September 6 at 12:00 p.m. ET and the North America Qualifier on Wednesday, September 7 at 15:00 p.m :00 p.m. ET.

To spice up the entire celebration, the $100,000 #SoloYolo Drop is set to return.

Immediately following the conclusion of the WSOW EU Finals and WSOW North America Finals, finalists in each region will compete in a single-map solo competition, with the winner being awarded $100,000 based on overall placement.

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