‘Yellowstone’ Star Lainey Wilson’s Latest Career Move Involves Finding Country’s Next Big Artist

If you had said so Laine Wilson When, a few years ago, she would have partnered with Tractor Supply, a brand known for farm supplies and clothing, in search of America’s next big country star, well, chances are she would have looked at you like you were you crazy . But here we see the success of the 30-year-old Louisiana native, who is paving her way into the industry with her “Bill Bottom Country”.

The two-time CMA Award winner has teamed up with the brand to officially add “Brand Ambassador for Tractor Supply” to her ever-growing résumé. Lainey and other artists Jimmie Allen, Dustin Lynch, Ashley McBryde, And Kat & Alex band together to be part of the Emerging Artists Program.

As the name suggests, the program searches for the next generation of country music talent, and with Lainey as a celebrity mentor, we know we’re in for a real treat. “I want to be forever friends with everyone I mentor and I want to guide them. I want to give them advice and lift them up because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about.” yellowstone actress tells Country Life.

Upcoming talent has until March 15 to submit their original song here, but Lainey made it clear: “[she’s] I’m definitely looking for someone who didn’t just decide yesterday.”

“First of all, find out what you’re strongest at — it could be songwriting, it could be singing, it could be your personality, it could be your looks — and get really strong at that. Lead with that foot and the other things will fall into place and you will find the right people in your corner,” she advised.

As a Southern girl who grew up on a farm and “was on a horse before [she] could even walk”, the partnership with Tractor Supply was a matter of course. Their advertisement with an original song was aired during the yellowstone Season 5 premiere, and now that she’s joined the cast of the show, it’s come full circle for Lainey.

Speaking of their time further yellowstoneAlthough she was excited to work with Taylor Sheridan, she admitted she was “scared to death” on her first day on set. Her first scene was with Kelly Reilly which Beth Dutton plays, so we can’t really blame her. “I mean, she’s British and I sound like me, so we needed a translator at certain points, but we became good friends,” she joked.

As for her character, Abby, well, she’s not really sure what the future of the show holds for her. “I’ve found that the film world is just as crazy as the music world and some things happen at the last minute.”

Meanwhile, when she’s not busy scouting for new talent at Tractor Supply, she admitted she would love to work her way up to being at Tractor Supply one day Saturday night live Stage.

Fingers crossed!


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