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BOYNTON BEACH, Fla., March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — is proud to announce the launch of its latest feature, giving subscribers access to the latest 990 reports submitted by foundations. These tax forms contain important data that can help nonprofit organizations secure their funding. To make it even more accessible and user-friendly, the team created detailed pie charts, colorful bar charts, and lists to interpret the information.

The bar charts and charts provided by help nonprofits identify areas of interest for foundations, including their mission statements.

The bar charts and charts provided by help nonprofits identify areas of interest for foundations, including their mission statements.

If you’re unfamiliar with 990 reports, they are annual filings that private foundations must submit to maintain their 501(c)(3) status. These submissions contain essential data such as the foundation’s assets, the number of awards given, the recipients of those awards, and the purpose and amount of each award. With the feature, you can now access and understand this information quickly and easily.

“Our goal is to help small non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs apply for foundation funds,” she says Libby Hikind, CEO of “We’ve added detailed interpretations of the 990s to help our subscribers navigate the maze of information in these reports. We have easy-to-understand descriptions of the 990s to help nonprofits more easily focus on grants that best meet their goals from the thousands of grants accessible through”

The bar charts and charts provided by also help nonprofit organizations gather information about the foundation’s revenue streams along with lists of key employees and board members. In many cases, subscribers can click on the names of previously funded nonprofits to read their mission statements. You’ll also get a snapshot of the foundation’s financial health.

In addition, strives to provide the greatest value to its subscribers. GrantWatch lists currently available grants from government agencies, corporations, and foundations for nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals.

With a MemberPlus+ subscription, you have access to all of this support at no additional cost. CEO Libby Hikind said: “Our response to inflation is not to raise prices, but to work harder for you, our subscribers.

The new Keyword Foundation Search Finder lets you search organization names for your keyword, which displays a concise list of funders who have awarded the most grants in your location over the past five years. The Foundation Search category (on the right side of the home page and most other pages) shows a long list of funders, including their missions, grantees, funders, and causes for which they have funded grants.

With’s fresh, lightweight look at the 990s, nonprofits can save the time and energy previously needed to sift through IRS data. You can spend more time writing and winning grants as the information from the 990s acts as a blueprint to create the strongest, most effective proposal. And the best? All you need is a MemberPlus+ subscription to access this feature at no additional cost. strives to provide the greatest possible value to its subscribers. When seeking foundation funding, understanding the funder is crucial. The 990s is one way to do that, and this new feature from gives you access to the information you need to increase the likelihood of your grant being funded. Visit to learn more. (PRNewsphoto/GrantWatch) (PRNewsphoto/GrantWatch)



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