Daniel Ricciardo chased by new Formula 1 team

Another Formula 1 team has inquired about Daniel Ricciardo’s future amid speculation as to which team the Australian will drive for in 2023.

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner reached out to Ricciardo mid-season to discuss his future, according to ESPN.

Alpine is believed to still be the likeliest destination for the Australian veteran in 2023, but Hass could have a vacancy if they decide not to renew Mick Schumacher’s contract, which expires at the end of 2022.

However, Haas currently has Danish driver Kevin Magnussen tied to a long-term contract and may struggle to foot the bill on Ricciardo’s whopping AU$20.8million annual salary.

Since joining McLaren in 2021, Ricciardo has only achieved one podium finish – an exceptional win at last year’s Italian Grand Pix.

The Australian has found himself in a driver’s carousel where his compatriot Oscar Piastri could take his place in 2023, despite Ricciardo having a year left on his contract.

Piastri’s imminent arrival now leaves Ricciardo in a precarious position with a spot on the starting line-up next year seemingly not guaranteed.

In conversation with speed cafethe 33-year-old spoke about the increasing speculation about his future and stressed that he still had the urge to stay in the sport.

“There are a few things for sure [that keep me motivated]’ said Ricciardo.

“Like the competition – it has to be one of the few sports in the world where only 20 people participate.

“The competition is so small, 0.001 percent of a group. To be able not only to be part of that group, but to compete within that group is something unique in itself.

“And that’s why I love it.”

Ricciardo finds himself 12th in the current F1 drivers standings, five places behind his McLaren teammate Lando Norris.

After scoring just five times this season, the pressure is mounting for the Aussie to prove his mettle in such a competitive championship.

“The truth is that the highs you get are just so high because there’s so much in it,” Ricciardo said.

“Of course you take risks – like winning a race, for example. You didn’t do a Sunday drive; You risked everything, the team risked everything, you pushed your body, mentally and physically.

“Well the high and the reward are pretty amazing and pretty spectacular.

“I could probably go on, but there are a couple of things.

“I think I still thrive on it because I still believe I belong [in F1] and can.

“That’s what really pisses me off.”

Formula 1 returns August 26-28 with the Belgian Grand Prix.

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