Selwyn Cobbo will not feature in Brisbane’s vital clash against Parramatta

Selwyn Cobbo has withdrawn from playing in Brisbane’s crucial clash with Parramatta on Thursday night after telling the club he was suffering from physical exhaustion on the eve of the final.

“He came and saw me during the week – we thought he might be progressing a little faster than he has – and he doesn’t have the right to go,” revealed Kevin Walters.

The Broncos aviator was spotted practicing in the reserves during the captain’s run, prompting questions about his situation.

Walters was candid in his assessment of Cobbo, stating the youngster was “tired” and needed a break.

When asked if the 20-year-old was facing disciplinary issues rather than simply choosing to retire from the game, Walters was adamant it was a case of burnout.

“No, no – there is nothing,” he said.

“He’s just tired. He’s a young guy and he’s had a big season with Origin and the like.

“He should be right against the Dragons for next week, but this week we’re going to put a spell on him.”

Cobbo reportedly ruled out the match after feeling unable to perform as required.

Since returning from a disgusting concussion he sustained during the series-defining Game III in State of Origin, Cobbo has been taking his time to get back on his feet.

However, he looked like he was back on form when he scored a hat-trick against the Knights two weeks ago.

However, during Brisbane’s dismal 12-60 loss to the Melbourne Storm last weekend, Walters admitted he saw signs the winger was struggling.

“He did some good things against Melbourne last week and then some things he probably would have done better,” Walters said.

“He’s a young guy – what has he had in 20 or 25 games in the NRL? It’s tough, especially on the wing.

“The wingers will be punished the same as everyone else – you saw something [Corey] Oates has gone through his career.”

Cobbo has had a turbulent season after initially moving into first grade last year. He has played 17 games this season, scoring 15 tries, to become a permanent part of the team.

In fact, he hasn’t scored in just three of his last 11 games for the Broncos, making him a key target for players like Adam Reynolds and Ezra Mam.

His absence will deal a serious blow to Brisbane’s chances of toppling the Eels when they meet for the second time this season.

Their previous encounter came just over a month ago when the Broncos won 34-16 away.

“It shows how honest Selwyn is with himself and the club,” said the coach.

“So it’s a big decision, but those decisions have to be made.

“We always have the interests of our players at heart. What’s best for the player… he didn’t achieve what he needed to be this week so let’s leave him out.”

Jordan Pereira was called up to replace Cobbo in the starting XI and was praised by the Brisbane manager.

“He’s done a good job for us coming into the team at different times throughout the year,” Walters said.

“He’s itchy and hungry to get out so that’s good news.”

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