Details on how to visit the queen lying in state revealed as king to address Parliament

Queen Elizabeth the second dies – follow the latest news as the world mourns

People have been warned to expect long queues and be prepared to stand for many hours throughout the night when details of how the public will be able to attend the Queen’s funeral are released.

The Queen’s coffin will be placed in London’s Westminster Hall and people can attend the ceremony after 24 hours a day from Wednesday 14 September 5pm to 6.30am on the day of the funeral – Monday 19 September.

The Government has stressed that the queue will be constantly moving – with little chance of resting or sitting down – and the line of those waiting is expected to stretch through central London.

The government urged people to “dress appropriately for the occasion to show your respect” and banned clothing “with political or offensive slogans”.

“Please respect the dignity of this event and behave appropriately. You should be silent at the Palace of Westminster,” he added.

Queue jumpers and any drunks will be removed from the queue by stewards and police officers patrolling the lines.

Visitors are also faced with airport-style security checkpoints, with strict restrictions on what can be taken along.

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Flowers, tributes, candles, flags, photos, baskets, sleeping bags, blankets, folding chairs, and camping gear are prohibited, with only one small bag with a simple opening or zipper allowed for each person.

Hundreds of thousands of people will flock to the capital for the trials.

The closed coffin of the Queen will rest on a raised platform called a catafalque in the old Westminster Hall in the Palace of Westminster, draped in the royal standard on which the orb and scepter are placed.

Public transport delays and road closures in the area are expected and people are urged to check in advance and plan accordingly.

“Please note that the queue is expected to be very long. They have to stand for many hours, possibly overnight, and have very little opportunity to sit down as the queue will keep moving,” the government guidance said.

It also urged people to think carefully about taking youth.

Details of the route for the queue will be released at 10pm on Tuesday, with full instructions on the website.

The queue may be closed early to ensure that as many visitors as possible can enter before the end of the waiting time.

Queen begins her final voyage from Balmoral to Edinburgh – video

Stepless and accessible options are available for those who need them.

Official guidelines suggest that people should bring appropriate clothing for the weather, food and drink for queuing, a portable power bank for their cellphone and any essential medication.

Only bags smaller than 40cm x 30cm x 20cm will be allowed in the hall.

Larger bags can be checked in at the bag drop, but capacity is limited and waiting for a spot makes people wait longer, guidelines say.

Vials or water bottles, with the exception of clear water bottles, which must be emptied before going through security, are prohibited inside, as are guns, whistles, smoke canisters, air horns and other similar items.

The Queen’s coffin is guarded 24 hours a day by units of the Tower of London’s Sovereign’s Bodyguard, Household Division or Yeoman Warders.

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The ceremonial procession of the coffin to Westminster Hall passes through Queen’s Gardens, The Mall, Horse Guards and Horse Guards Arch, Whitehall, Parliament Street, Parliament Square and New Palace Yard.

Members of the public can watch the procession in the ceremonial viewing areas along the procession route or at a screening site in Hyde Park.

The viewing areas and Hyde Park grounds will open at 11am on Wednesday and visitors will be admitted in order of arrival time.

King Charles addresses the British Parliament

The House of Commons and House of Lords will meet in Westminster on Monday to propose a condolence.

Accompanied by Queen Consort Camilla, King Charles III. Hear condolences from the Commons and Lords and respond to the 10am speech.

Floral tributes are given in royal palaces

On Sunday, thousands of well-wishers laid flowers near Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Balmoral since the monarch’s death was announced on Thursday.

Flower shrines at royal residences in recent days have contained tributes such as teddy bears, corgi stuffed animals, balloons and jam sandwiches in a nod to the Queen’s platinum jubilee sketch with Paddington Bear.

London sights most associated with Queen Elizabeth II – in pictures

Tributes will be left in place until all ceremonial activities have taken place, and flowers are expected to be removed from park areas seven to 14 days after the burial.

Flowers that have deteriorated are completely removed and taken to Hyde Park Nursery for processing, ready for composting.

Operation Riptide

In the coming week, the new king will visit all nations in Britain as part of Operation Spring Tide.

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will fly to Edinburgh on Monday. You will visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse before a ceremony where he will be given the keys to the city.

A service will follow at St Giles’ Cathedral, attended by other royals.

The crown of Scotland will rest on the Queen’s coffin, and her subjects can honor her. The King and other royals will hold a vigil at 7:20pm, accompanied by the Royal Company of Archers.

The King will also carry out other engagements in Northern Ireland on Tuesday.

Accompanied by Queen Consort Camilla, King Charles will arrive at Belfast City Airport where he will be greeted by Lord Lt. of Belfast, Dame Fionnuala Jay-O’Boyle, and Northern Ireland Minister Chris Heaton-Harris.

The couple will then travel to Hillsborough Castle in County Down for several engagements.

There they will hold a private audience with Mr Heaton-Harris and meet representatives of political parties in the region.

King Charles III confirmed as king at accession ceremony in London – in pictures

The royal couple will then receive a message of condolences from the Speaker of the Stormont Assembly on behalf of the people of Northern Ireland.

Afterwards they will attend a reception at the Castle hosted by Mr Heaton-Harris and attended by a number of members of the public.

Charles and Camilla then travel to St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast, where they will attend a service reflecting on the Queen’s life.

They then take a stroll around Writers’ Square before leaving Northern Ireland.

On Friday, King Charles will travel to Cardiff for a service at Llandaff Cathedral.

He will also have an audience with Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford at Cardiff Castle.

Joe Biden confirms he will attend Queen’s state funeral

Meanwhile, officials confirmed on Sunday that US President Joe Biden will attend the Queen’s funeral.

The White House confirmed that Mr. Biden will attend the funeral with his wife Jill.

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