Electrolit takes on a classic with latest blue raspberry flavor launch

Blue Raspberry is the fourteenth addition to Electrolit’s global sports drink portfolio, which includes flavors such as Strawberry Kiwi, Cucumber-lime, Horchata, Berry Bliss, Grape and others. The Blue Raspberry drink is formulated with natural glucose and contains 326mg of electrolytes. Electrolit beverages are available at Walmart, Kroger, HEB, 7-Eleven, Circle K and other digital and retail channels.

This time we wanted to master a classic…Americana flavor of blue raspberry,said Jake Sloan, Senior Director of Marketing at Electrolit. “It’s been a staple of convenience stores since the first slushy and so we wanted to master that flavor and we think we’ve managed to do that because we’ve seen very…strong retail sales so far.​”

Differentiation through premium formulation

Electrolit was introduced as a children’s drink in Mexico nearly 70 years ago and hit US store shelves in 2015. with one goal”to help people feel better through hydration,“The brand aims to differentiate itself by delivering a premium drinking experience,” said Sloan.

For me, [a] Premium hydration drink truly signals that we are able to replenish your electrolytes in a premium way and it is world class because we use premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients.​”

A key piece of its formulation is “the use of natural glucose as a vehicle to deliver electrolytes to the cell faster than, say, high fructose corn syrup used by some leading brands today,‘ Sloan said. By using natural glucose as a sweetener”It’s metabolized more efficiently in the body to get fuel to the muscles and cells faster, but it also helps deliver those electrolytes and ions much faster for faster hydration.“, he added.


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