How to access Brimstone Sands in New World and what to do in the new region

This guide will show you how to unlock and access the Brimstone Sands region in New World, and what activities await you there when you arrive!

Brimstone Sands is a new region added to New World with update 1.7 on October 18, 2022. It is the largest yet and draws strong inspiration from Egyptian and Roman architecture.

How to unlock the Brimstone Sands region

Before officially entering and beginning most of the Brimstone Sands main storyline in New World, you’ll need to speak to another Soul Warden NPC to begin the quest that will take you there and unlock the region to grant you access.

If the locations or quests differ by faction, you’ll find a detailed explanation of where to go and what to do for each of the three factions in New World – Confederation, Marauder, and Syndicate.

supporters of the alliance need to make their way to the Great Cleave, where they can speak to Tomash Kovalenko at the Cleave’s Point Outpost, who sits near the forge.

Access to Brimstone Sands - Covenant starting point

marauder must go over to Ebony Rock where they can speak to Tomash Kovalenko who is sitting at the outer wall of the Ebony Settlement.

How to get to Brimstone Sands - Marauder Starting Point

syndicate must make their way to the mountain home in the Shattered Mountain region, where they can speak to Tomash Kovalenko near the inn there.

Access to Brimstone Sands - Syndicate starting point

From here the quests converge a bit as you collect the same ingredients for a Desert Cerate.

Access Brimstone Sands - Desert Cerate Recipe

You must bring 2 fish oil with you to make the cerate. In addition to the fish oil, you must venture to the cliffs of your respective region and collect 3 Frostcliff Berries.

For the Bundyou will have to go to the Sunder Fort Cliffs and the Tempest Valley Fast Travel Shrine to collect them.

Access to Brimstone Sands - Tempest Valley Shrine

For the Maraudersyou must go to the cliffs east of the water shrine in Ebenscale Reach to collect them.

Access to Brimstone Sands - Water Shrine

For the syndicateyou’ll need to head to the cliffs northeast of Mountainhome Outpost to collect them.

Brimstone Sands Cliff Access - Mountainhome

Craft the Desert Cerate at a campground or crafting station in the Arcane Camp using the ingredients you’ve gathered. Once it’s crafted, use it from your inventory to continue the quest.

After using Cerate, the quests fully converge here. Head to Ebonscale Reach and then north to Brimstone Sands.

Head to the Wikala al-Waha outpost, which is northeast of where you enter Brimstone Sands.

Map with location of Wikala al-Waha

Here you will meet Soul Warden Buhawi and from here you will officially work on the Brimstone Sands Main Quest.

A picture of Buhawi Manabat at her post in Wikala al-Waha

What to do in the Brimstone Sands area

The Brimstone Sands region offers new creatures, enemies, dangers, and resources. You’ll also find 26 new Ancient Glyphs here, allowing you to travel across the vast desert region more easily and without the use of Azoth. Last but not least, here is the new Ennead Expedition.

creatures and enemies

The Brimstone Sands region mainly features the Ancient and Angry Earth as your main enemies. This makes items like Ancient or Angry Earth Coating useful for clearing enemies. There are some POIs that also contain Corrupted, but the bulk of the enemies are the two actions mentioned

An image showing a lone Elite bow wielding Ancient

There are also new wildlife including scorpions and armadillos that drop some new resources including foods that are built into new tier 5 foods. These are stat-boosting foods and last for 60 minutes, which is a 50% increase in duration over the current 40-minute T5 foods.

A picture with many hostile scorpions

hazards and resources

One thing to be wary of while exploring the Brimstone Sands is a new hazard, Acid. When standing near an acid puddle, you take ~1% of your HP per second as damage over 2 damage ticks while your acid resistance slowly decreases. Standing in a puddle of acid takes ~6% of your health as damage per second, also over two ticks.

Image of Brimstone near an acid pool

By using a new Scorpio Chitin “gem” or tincture, you can protect yourself from this new threat. Since Incense is an Affliction, it’s also a viable option to mitigate this debuff.

When Acid Resistance is depleted, you are afflicted with Acid Burn for 60 seconds, dealing an additional ~18% of your health for each tick of damage while in an Acid Puddle. This means that if you stay too long, you’ll take heavy damage from the acid extremely quickly.

There are also a few new resources here, consisting of sandstone and brimstone for directly harvestable resources.

An image of harvestable sandstone

Sandstone Chunks collected from the Sandstone itself can be processed into Charged Sand. Sulfur Chunks can be processed into Sulfur. Both of these reagents are used in the crafting of the newly added Runeglass Gems as well as the Acid Tinctures.

Ancient Glyphs

Ancient Glyphs are the final new feature of the new region. There are 26 of these glyphs in total, but they make traversing this vast desert efficient and significantly faster than running on roads.

An image of one of the 26 Ancient Glyphs of Brimstone Sands

These new lore entries enable a fast travel system in the Brimstone Sands that allows you to jump between larger POIs without using Azoth.

An image of an active Ancient Glyph Portal

Most Ancient Elite chests in the Brimstone Sands area are also locked by one of these glyphs. They require a specific glyph and cannot be opened without it.

Once you learn the glyphs, you can use the travel system as well as opening many of the elite chests.

The Ennead Expedition

With a new region comes a new expedition. The Ennead invites you to explore the ancient pyramid in the heart of Brimstone Sands.

This expedition has traps and puzzles as you would expect from any expedition. However, unlike the vast majority of Brimstone Sands, this expedition features the Ancient as well as many Scorpion and Scarab enemies.

With that, you now know everything you need to successfully unlock Brimstone Sands and conquer the new New World region! Good luck out there in this vast but beautiful desert region.

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