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  • Chapter: Matters of the Heart

Under the cast of The Dark Pictures: man from Medan, Fliss is a character that players will almost certainly want to keep alive as she’s a bit more sane than the rest of the cast. Of course, keeping her alive is not an easy task, so this guide will help by explaining the scenarios in which she can die and how to prevent her possible death.

The Dark Pictures: man from Medan is the first entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology developed by Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game features a ghost ship horror story loosely inspired by the urban legend of the SS Ourang Medan, and the cast soon have to deal with the seemingly haunted ship along with the pirates who initially set off the game’s main conflict.


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Chapter: Ritual

During this act, Fliss can die if players didn’t make certain choices with Brad earlier in the game. If Brad collected the wrench in an earlier section of the game but failed to collect the gas mask as well, in this chapter Fliss will be attacked by a “demon” and beaten to death with a wrench if the player fails the QTE sequence. This can also be avoided if Fliss goes backstage before the demon appears.

Chapter: Pressure

During this act there is a chance to send either Fliss or Brad down a hatch. Choosing Fliss won’t kill her, but telling Brad to smash the lock instead of the hinge shortly after will result in Fliss getting trapped down there and drowning.

Chapter: Glamor Girl

During this sequence, in which Conrad is being pursued and seemingly molested by the nurse, the decision to knife the nurse results in Fliss’s death. This is because, like many other seemingly supernatural encounters throughout the game, Conrad is actually hallucinating and the nurse is actually Fliss. In co-op play, the player controlling Fliss can also cause Fliss to die due to falling off a ladder during this sequence if a QTE fails.

Chapter: Matters of the Heart

There is a sequence in this chapter where Alex appears to be attacked by a strange creature. Players will of course be inclined to stab the thing and eliminate it as a threat after rats start clawing out of Alex’s chest, but this will actually result in Fliss’s death. This is because the hallucinogenic gas in the ship makes Alex hallucinate and the creature is actually Fliss. As such, players must ensure that they do not attack the creature while playing as Alex in Chapter 5. (You should also probably avoid stabbing Alex yourself).

Chapter: The End

If the player uncovers the Medan Hat in Chapter: Danny and finds the Ship’s Log in Chapter: Distress Signal, there is a high probability that everyone will end up dead. If the distress signal was sent during the last chapter, power was restored to the ship, and the ship’s location was communicated over the radio, this combination of events will end in disaster. When the military arrive they will shoot anyone they see if this information is revealed to cover up the truth about “Manchurian gold”.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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