How to add Arbitrum to MetaMask?

Arbitrum is one of Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solutions designed to improve the efficiency of smart contracts and transaction execution on the network while drastically reducing fees and adding additional privacy features. L2 networks are software that sits on the base layer of a blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum to increase platform efficiency and offer low-cost transactions.

In recent years, Ethereum’s rise in the development and launch of Web3, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized applications (DApps) has led to excessive congestion on the platform, which has resulted in skyrocketing fees. Various solutions have been explored to improve Ethereum’s scalability, including dedicated Layer 1 upgrades. However, L2 solutions seem to have gained momentum, with the Arbitrum network being one of the most promising.

New York-based development company Offchain Labs founded Arbitrum. The company raised $120 million in a Series B funding round in September 2021.

Why use Arbitrum?

While Arbitrum relies on Ethereum’s L1 security, it can ensure cheap gas fees due to the use of Optimistic Rollups. Optimistic rollups are smart contracts that bundle transactions and use less processing power and gas for fast and cheap transactions.

For example, Arbitrum manages 40,000 transactions per second (TPS) versus the 14 produced by the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum transactions can be very expensive, reaching hundreds of dollars during periods of high user traffic, while Arbitrum transactions cost only pennies.

Arbitrum is also suitable for developers who want to integrate their Ethereum DApps with the platform as they are perfectly compatible. In fact, Arbitrum supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts and Ethereum transactions on L2 while benefiting from Ethereum’s best-in-class L1 security.

Arbitrum is not the first or only platform designed to overcome Ethereum’s limitations, as other solutions offer similar functionality. However, none of them allow for such a unique combination of benefits.

Here is an overview of the main advantages that Arbitrum offers:

Significant advantages that Arbitrum offers

How to access the Arbitrum blockchain

To access the Arbitrum blockchain, users must set it up through a compatible cryptocurrency wallet. This article explains how to add Arbitrum to MetaMask, Ethereum’s most popular wallet.

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that allows users to access the Ethereum mainnet and its Web3 DApps and NFTs, besides storing Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens. Both a browser extension and a mobile app, MetaMask provides users with a key vault, secure login, token wallet and token exchange to easily manage digital assets. It is widely used to securely connect blockchain-based applications while protecting user privacy.

To connect the MetaMask crypto wallet to the Arbitrum network, users need to follow a few simple steps and add some blockchain information to MetaMask, including a chain ID, a custom RPC (Remote Procedure Call) URL, and a network name. You can also add one or more Arbitrum tokens by importing the correct token address.

How to install and configure MetaMask

MetaMask can be added as an extension to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave browsers and iOS or Android mobile devices from MetaMask website. The steps for the Chrome browser are discussed later in this article.

It is important that users verify the legitimacy of the MetaMask website to avoid being tricked into rogue sites. It is highly recommended to download the right extension from the official website.

  1. On the MetaMask website, click “Download for Chrome” and “Add to Chrome” to add the extension.

Chrome browser extension by MetaMask

  1. Install the MetaMask Chrome Extension and click “Get Started” on the MetaMask Welcome Page.

  2. To import your existing wallet, you need the wallet seed phrase; Click on the “Import Wallet” option.

  3. You can also set up a new wallet by clicking on the “Create wallet” button.

  4. Here you need to create a strong password to access the wallet from your device.

  5. On the next page you will see important information about your seed phrase. The seed phrase or recovery phrase is the main security feature and backup of your wallet, allowing you to access your wallet even if you lose or forget your password.

  6. Next, look at the source phrase by clicking the lock button. You have to write down the words in the right order, save them safely offline and never share them with anyone. Your assets may be at risk if someone gains access to your seed phrase.

  7. The system prompts you to repeat the start phrase on the next page; Make sure you choose the words in the correct order.

  8. Click “Confirm” to finish, then click “All done” to access your new wallet.

The process just described connects MetaMask to Ethereum automatically. However, to add Arbitrum on MetaMask, follow the steps below.

How do I connect Arbitrum to MetaMask?

MetaMask supports several other networks besides Ethereum. However, they are not enabled by default and must be added manually. To add Arbitrum on MetaMask, you need to provide some network information:

  1. Open MetaMask and click on the network dropdown menu next to the MetaMask fox logo.

  2. A pop-up window will appear, then click “Add Network”.

  3. On the next page you need to add the following Arbitrum network data:

Add Arbitrum network data to add Arbitrum on Metamask

  1. After adding the above details, click “Save”.

You have now added the Arbitrum Layer 2 network and are ready to use it.

To add Arbitrum tokens to MetaMask, you also need to add them manually. You will still get the tokens even if you haven’t added them to the wallet yet. However, they won’t appear until you import them manually.

  1. Go to, an Etherscan-based block explorer for Arbitrum.

  2. Here you will find the details of the token you want to add. If you cannot find your token, you need to add the contract address manually from the project’s official website. Always make sure you are using a legitimate smart contract as there could be a fake contract created by scammers.

  3. Go back to MetaMask and click Import Tokens.

  4. On the next page, add the token’s contract address and the rest of the required details. This action should be filled in automatically by MetaMask.

  5. Click Add Custom Token, then click Import Token.

  6. Your wallet will now show the balance of the tokens you just added.

Once you’ve set up MetaMask and added the Arbitrum mainnet, you can start using cryptocurrency efficiently and cheaply. You can send and receive crypto, collect NFTs, use Web3 applications, DApps and Smart Contracts and even exchange cryptocurrency coins or tokens. With Arbitrum you can do everything you can already do in Ethereum, but cheaper and more efficiently.

You just have to make sure you have enough Ether (ETH) in your wallet to pay for your transaction costs. You can add ETH to your wallet by connecting the Arbitrum bridge to the Ethereum mainnet.

How to use the Arbitrum Bridge

You can connect to Arbitrum to bridge your wealth, discover the Web3 DApps and transact for less money by paying lower gas fees on Ethereum. To send your ETH from Layer 1 Ethereum to Layer 2 Arbitrum, follow the steps:

  1. Connect your MetaMask and go to The following screen will appear:

Arbitrum One Bridge

  1. Enter the amount of ETH you want to add to Arbitrum and click “Deposit”.

  2. Next you need to confirm the transaction in your wallet. Although this transaction is executed at Layer 1, the lower Arbitrum gas rates apply.

  3. If you are happy with the amount, click “Confirm”.

  4. The transaction will now show as “pending” at the bottom of the screen on the next page.

  5. You now have ETH on Arbitrum and can start sending and receiving.

Since Web3’s rapid expansion of NFTs, Metaverse, and DApps in recent years, Ethereum’s extremely high fees have hampered further development and discouraged broader industry participation. L2 networks like Arbitrum could help overcome the scalability issue, allowing users to further explore the value of the new technology.

It might be worth learning a few different steps to connect the Arbitrum network to your MetaMask and bridge your ETH to enjoy the benefits of Web3 sustainably.

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