How to be prepared for processing wild game

Properly prepared, processing game is a pleasure.

One of my first hunting tools was a Buck 102 knife.

It had belonged to my father. he gave it to me Over the years I’ve scored the scabbard every time I’ve taken a stag. The score line extends the length of the leather blade guard. A knife plays an important role in the hunting process. It is a connection between the field and the dining table.

The hunting season is open across the country. Big game, small game, waterfowl and upland hunters gather the prey of autumn. I enjoy the process of turning game into table food almost as much as I do the hunting.

There are so many ways to use healthy game as food. Roast with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and onions. Steaks on the grill. Fried turkey nuggets. Baked whole birds with wild rice. sausages and beef jerky.

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