How To Beat Shiver in Splatoon 3 (Boss Guide)

With the latest title in the ink-slinging FPS series, turn 3 comes with a single-player story mode that offers an alternative to the usual multiplayer focus that the franchise has previously emphasized. Similar to previous solo content in the past, Hero Mode, The Rise of the Mammalian gives players the ability to tackle a variety of missions at their leisure. Additionally, some of these levels contain bosses that offer unique gimmicks to challenge players as they choose to progress through the story.


One of the five featured bosses is the blue and purple Octoling Shiver. Referred to as a “cold-blooded bandit,” Shiver trades his normal laid-back personality for that of a merciless participant in combat with the player. Along with her shark companion, Master Mega, Shiver locks the player onto a small platform while her shark swims along the perimeter, using projectile attacks to bombard any Inkling Agent that gets in their way.

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Players must use every trick and strategy turn 3 available to defeat Shiver and her Megalodon. Each Master Mega attack deals massive damage and can knock a player out of combat before realizing what happened. Additionally, moving consistently and focusing on weapons that deal high damage quickly gives players an edge when it comes to Shiver.

Defeat Shiver and Master Mega in Splatoon 3

preserve knowledge Splatoon 3 Basic mechanics can be the key to even taking on Shiver and Master Mega. Mobility options like Squid Surge, Squid Roll, and Squid Bounce allow players to have more options when swimming in ink knocked down by weapon fire. In addition to restoring ammo comes the ability Squid Surge turn 3 Causes the player to perform a mega jump to gain upward momentum. Take the time to internalize the available systems turn 3 can make any boss fight more manageable, not just against Shiver.

Shiver’s boss fight is divided into three phases, each of which builds on one another. At the beginning of the fight, Master Mega travels out of the arena and throws projectiles. Eventually, he and Shiver travel under the platform the players are standing on to attack from below. Alternatively, the shark attacks directly with a bite attack. Players should use this as an opportunity to use the R button to throw an ink bomb that will stun Master Mega for free ink shots. Unlike the boss that debuted in February, Master Mega doesn’t serve as a distraction because if they’re inked enough, he’ll knock Shiver away to recover and deal free damage that activates the next phase.

Master Mega summons three ink tornadoes in the second and third stages and fires a large beam attack at players after jumping among the swirling masses of paint. Players should focus on attacking while the Megalodon jumps, then taking time after the third jump to maneuver out of the way so the beam doesn’t connect. Once Shiver is sufficiently damaged, he will be dropped again to be shot and trigger the final phase. Master Mega moves faster and this time fires three beams instead of just one. So, using the information from the second phase provides players with everything players need to defeat Shiver and Master Mega in their boss fight in the post-apocalyptic setting of turn 3.

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    “Are you a kid or are you a squid?” Splatoon 3 continues Nintendo’s latest successful franchise. Moving away from the old hubs of Inkopolis and the Splatlands, Splatoon 3 throws players into the bustling city of Splatsville, where they mingle with other hunches, collect new outfits, and upgrade weapons as they traverse the game. Players are equipped with ink-based weapons and melee weapons, which they use to “splatter” their opponents with their ink color. Players can also dip into their ink to escape faster or traverse maps. Also, the usual modes return more polished than ever, with the story mode taking more center stage this time with a robust adventure mode. Additionally, the cooperative, horde-like Salmon Run mode returns, along with the standard 4v4 team-based multiplayer modes that made the franchise famous. Splatoon 3 was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on September 9th, 2022.


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