How to change your appearance in Saints Row

How to change your appearance in Saints Row and get back to character customization and changing clothes is all done over the phone. However, the options to change characters and clothes are not all fully unlocked from the start, and we explain how to unlock new clothes and character options on top of that, so that you know how to change the look in Saints Row, the look of your boss and return to character customization in the wardrobe whenever you want.

How to change appearance in Saints Row

(Image: © Deep Silver Volition)

To change your appearance in Saints Row, whether it’s your body, face, hair or clothes, you can use the Style app on the top row of the in-game phone. Selecting it effectively lets you go back to full character customization like you experienced early in the game when you first created your boss, as well as adding wardrobe options for changing your clothes – you don’t have to use fast travel in Saints Row, to reach it clothing stores or fitting rooms.

You can use the Style app to completely change every personal element of your character, including:

  • face
  • hair
  • Body
  • dress
  • Voice
  • emotes
  • Censorship Options

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