How To Clear The Sitcom Set Mission In Serial Cleaners

In chapter three of Serial cleaners, Lati must sweep the death of a ’90s sitcom under the rug. With the help of Hal, she must navigate the crime scene on the set of the series. You can do this by visiting the cargo door in the top left corner of the map Switch between the two characters and use their skills together to finish the job.

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The sitcom set is the first mission to allow two cleaners to work at the same time, adding a new layer of strategy. Read on to find out how to complete the level!


Lati’s starting position is very safe; covered on all sides by props and set pieces, you can take your time from here to get the location of the country before beginning. There is two bodies to the left and three to the right, along with evidence scattered throughout the studio. You can also Use the elevator to the left of the drop point to reach the catwalks at the top.


Only Lati can navigate the catwalk; Hal can’t make the jumps needed to get from place to place.

Hit the catwalks and walk as far south as possible. There will be a corpse on the left. So you cannot jump while carrying or dragging a corpse bring the body further down the catwalk, go clockwise until you reach a dead end. You can throw the body off the catwalk here; Do this and then return to the elevator. When the shore is clear sneak out and take the corpse to the drop off point.

Use the elevator to return to the catwalks and Go back to where you found the body. When no one is looking, lower the nearby ladder and climb down take the gun in the middle of the corridor. If you have time, you can do that too clean the blood just south of the ladder.

Once you have the gun it’s a shot straight back to the elevator to plan your next move.

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Left side

To tackle the left side of the studio, start with Go to the leftmost section of the catwalks. There’s another elevator there that will take you down to a corpse and lots of blood. A single police officer patrols this area in a clockwise direction. Start mopping up the blood as soon as he leaves, and Take the elevator back up as he approaches from the south.

When the blood is clean go north and take the gun you find there, then take the corpse and take it to the elevator. If you’re quick, you can completely clean this backstage area before the cop comes back.

Throw the corpse over the railing on the right and discard it you did the same thing with the corpse that was on the catwalks. Now all you have to do is climb onto the kitchen set to remove the corpse lying there. This room is heavily patrolled, with no fewer than three police officers passing it on their way. Because of this, it’s easier Switch to Hal before proceeding. Before you do that, go back to the catwalks and Move the board close to the ladder to reach the big proof, a lamp, on the right side. Throw it over the railing to the left and land it in the main corridor to give Hal a weapon to use when he’s around!

It’s worth saving after moving the fixture; That way, if you get arrested as Hal or Lati, you don’t have to do it again.

stay on the catwalks back to the backstage area that you just cleaned. Move north past where you found the gun and use the cargo door to switch characters. There is an open door through which the patrolling policeman enters the kitchen; Use it to enter when no one is around and start removing blood. If you’re spotted, you can cut open the body to make your pursuers swoon; If there is only one enemy Hide it in the closet on the left. Otherwise, grab a limb and run.

There are two usable exit points; the door is on the right closer to departure but more heavily patrolled. You can also Slide the camera to the lower left side of the set to reach a less traveled passage. You have to Move the camera back to reach the main corridor, and can shorten a cop’s patrol route, allowing him to get back to the set faster. Use the path that gets the corpse out safely.

Once the corpse is set down get the light that Lati threw off the catwalk earlier. If necessary you can Throw it at a cop to knock him outbut that will make him aggressive when he wakes up.

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right side

as Hal, Chainsaw through the blue barriers right and left of the starting point; This gives you easy access to both Furnished living room and the cargo door, although it slightly increases the likelihood of being seen disposing of corpses. Switch back to Lati and Climb over the crates in the top right corner. You will find a body and blood that needs cleansing; conveniently there is one too large offset piece to the right behind which you can hide if necessary.

If no one is looking, you can rush the body through the living room set by using the previously cut hole Hal. once that’s done, climb back onto the boxes return to where the body was. Climb through the window to the south, collect the evidence nearby and go to lower right corner of the map. You’ll find seating for the live studio audience; Clean the blood and remove the body using the drop point in the corner to discard it.

A lone cop patrols this area, and while not already in range, has great line of sight. when you see him coming hide in the audience area; he should pass right by. Lati can Ascending to the second seating level instead of using the stairs.

The last corpse is on set; You can reach it easily moving the camera. Quickly grab it and throw it away before returning to the starting position. If you clean up the rest of the blood in the level, you do it shouldn’t risk getting caught vacuuming here.

When you need a quick escape, Use the elevator north of the drop point flee down the catwalks. This is also a great way to exit the building when you’re done.

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