How To Clone Your SSD or Hard Drive

Even the best SSDs are dirt cheap these days, so it’s very tempting to upgrade your gear. However, migrating from one drive to another can be a hassle. You have the operating system, your apps, all your settings and your data. Rebooting from a fresh Windows (or Linux) install would take forever, and you’d probably spend weeks trying to find things you forgot to add back. The answer: clone your SSD.

Cloning a drive is a quick and easy way to move your installation from an older, slower drive to a faster, larger one. There are many ways to achieve this, and Clonezilla is among the best. This live Linux distro boots from a USB stick or CD/DVD and uses a wizard-based system to easily migrate between drives, image installations, and even deploy operating systems to multiple computers over a network connection. Clonezilla simply works whether you are cloning a Windows operating system or a Linux distribution.

Connecting your new drive to PC for cloning

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