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player from Disney Dreamlight Valley will quickly find that their in-game energy levels are not sufficient to get through the day. After breaking rocks, digging up special spots, and planting crops, players need to restore some of that energy. One of the fastest ways from exhaustion to full energy bar is to cook the numerous meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

While these meals are worth a good amount of Star Coins, they can usually restore energy much more quickly than simple ingredients. This is especially true of the game’s Tasty Salad, a four-star recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For those players looking to cook this recipe, this guide is here to help.


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How to cook delicious salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are many high-energy options in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but players must use the correct combination to prepare the Tasty Salad, a four-star main course. There are four ingredients players must track down to take their salad to the next level:

  • lettuce
  • any vegetable
  • any spice
  • cucumber

Once complete, the Tasty Salad can be sold for at least 292 Star Coins or refill at least 650 Energy, one tier higher than the Hearty Salad Disney Dreamlight Valley. These numbers can increase depending on the number and quality of ingredients used.

Where to find the ingredients for a delicious salad

The first of the specific ingredients in the recipe for a delicious salad, lettuce is relatively easy to obtain. In the Peaceful Meadow, players who harvest rocks, vines, and other items can get free Lettuce Seeds. More regularly, players who unlock Goofy’s Stand through the Fishing Expedition quest will find seeds there. Those who choose to upgrade can also purchase salad directly.

The second and third slots have some flexibility. Any veggies in there Disney Dreamlight Valley can be used in the second slot, including a second lettuce. Any spice can be used in the third slot, meaning the basil that grows all over Peaceful Meadow and oregano that can be found around the square are two examples that would work. Because of their location, these are relatively easy to grab.

Cucumbers are much more difficult to track down since they can only be found in the Frosted Heights biome. This is in the north-east part of the game world, and there are a pair of Dreamlight Walls between the plaza and this area.

Players must first purchase the Forest of Valor for 3,000 Dreamlight, then Frosted Heights for an additional 10,000 Dreamlight. Players can purchase Cucumber Seeds and Cucumbers directly from Goofy’s Booth once purchased or upgraded.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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