How to Delete a BeReal

Have you ever rushed to take a BeReal and it was so bad you wanted to delete it? It’s also easy to accidentally take a BeReal or make other mistakes that you want to erase.

Can I delete a BeReal post? Deleting a BeReal isn’t always easy, and there’s a reason for that. The app doesn’t want people deleting and re-recording their posts to get the “perfect” recording. It’s not very real after all. But if you have to, here’s how to delete your BeReal post.

How to delete your BeReal

Many people don’t realize that you can delete your BeReal posts even after you’ve already posted them. However, you can only delete your most recent BeReals, ie you cannot delete them from your BeReal saves. How to get rid of a BeReal post at different stages…

Before the post

If you’ve taken your BeReal but haven’t posted it yet, deleting it is easy. Just tap the X icon at the top right of the photo to delete it. Then you can complete your BeReal again. Your friends can see that you have replayed your BeReal by tapping it and seeing the number of replays.

Deleting a BeReal after posting it

If you have already posted your BeReal, you can still delete it by following these steps:

  1. Tap the three points next to the time under your BeReal
  2. Beat options
  3. Beat Delete my BeReal.
  4. Choose why you want to delete Tap Yes I am sure.
  5. Beat Extinguish.

Why you should (or shouldn’t) delete your BeReal.

The whole point of BeReal is to show your authentic self in the moment, so it’s best not to overuse the delete feature. However, if the BeReal you posted contains personal information like your address or phone number, you should probably delete it for security reasons. You may also want to delete a BeReal that contains someone else’s confidential or personal information. This often happens when your BeReal photo includes your computer screen or desk where this information can be displayed.

If your BeReal contains content that BeReal recommends to users in its Terms of Use, you should delete that BeReal as well.

If you don’t like your BeReal because you don’t look perfect in it or because it’s just plain boring, you can delete it, but it’s not recommended. This type of deletion defeats the purpose of the BeReal app and makes your profile less authentic and more curated. And remember that you can only delete a BeReal that you have posted once per day.

Delete your BeReals wisely

BeReal is all about imperfection, so don’t fret if your photo isn’t perfect! Have fun and learn to love how you look in the moment. If you scroll through your friends’ BeReals or the Discovery tab, you’ll probably find that a lot of people’s BeReals aren’t perfect every time either!

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