How To Destroy The Withering In Sumeru

Sumeru is the youngest region in Genshin Impact. The Land of Dendro comes to Inazuma as shown in the Teyvat Chapter: Travail storyline preview. Next would be the land of hydropower, Fontaine, where the god of justice resides.

Meanwhile, Sumeru is a place known for its wisdom. The Akademiya is famous throughout Teyvat for its valuable research. The land is lush and teeming with life, but everything changes when the Marana attacks. The withering spreads across Sumeru Genshin Impact, poisons his flora with the memory of death. The Forest Ranger must work hard to eliminate this calamity, as it is not only dangerous for the forest, but ordinary people can easily become ill under the influence of the Withering.


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To help the Land of Wisdom, travelers can take this task into their own hands. Here’s how Genshin Impact Travelers can destroy the Withering in Sumeru.

How to destroy withering in Genshin Impact

To destroy the withering Genshin ImpactPlayers must delete them Withering branches with the help of Dendrograna. After summoning the Genshin Impact Dendrograna, use a charged attack (preferably from a bow user) or an aimed shot at the withering branch.

The Withering Branches are three smaller branches that connect to the tumor of withering. The tumor has three lines of red auras around it, indicating where the branches are.

Once all withering branches are removed, some Genshin Impact Monsters will appear, so defeat them and then go to the tumor. Now there should be an option to remove the tumor of withering. Press it and the surrounding land should come back to life.

Tips for destroying withering in Sumeru

Once players enter an area affected by withering, decay begin to accumulate, indicated by a new bar above the character’s HP bar Genshin Impact. This debuff slowly reduces all Elemental RES, Physical RES, and Max HP. The more Decay accumulated, the more stats players lose. Once the decay reaches the maximum, the party will fall and players will be revived at the next waypoint.

Around the tumor of withering, Genshin Impact Travelers can activate an object called candles of life to decrease the decay counter. This feature is similar to the Ruin Brazier in Dragonspine, which removes Sheer Cold. However, Each area of ​​the withering has its own minimum decay levelso players cannot completely remove the debuff.

Objects are sometimes named in the environment Smelly branches. This object periodically sharpens a missile at players, attacking them and causing more decay to accumulate. Some enemies in the area also have a special buff. This Disciple of Decay are monsters that have fallen under the influence of withering. A red aura surrounds them, reducing the damage they take in battle. Players can use Dendrograna to remove this buff from the enemy.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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