How To Dominate The Battlefield

During the realistic warfare from developer Black Matter hell break upTanks in this first person shooter are much scarier than in battlefield‘s multiplayer due to the coordination of entire tank crews, a group of players with specific tasks to control the war vehicle. Players who choose to enroll as part of the Armor roster hell break up have access to the only roles capable of manning allied armor. To effectively dominate the battlefield, players must understand the nuance that separates these positions from all of the standard infantry roles in the game.


Tank squads typically consist of 6 players, with two roles available before spawn: crew member or tank commander. Depending on which national faction players belong to, each role has specific loadouts for their weapons and gear that affect their options. For example, standard American equipment for an Armor Crewman includes two bandages and a Colt M1911 with four magazines. A far cry from the healing gear that other roles such as hell break up‘s Infantry Medic, Crewman are better suited in their tanks than on the battlefield itself.

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On the other side are tank commanders hell break up have a significant variation in their loadout, possessing multiple weapons and special binoculars that are standard only for this role. The binoculars help players in the tank commander role to spot enemies from afar and mark them on the map for other players in their squad while they maneuver the tank together. This leadership job also allows players to tie specific players to their roster, kick others out, or use the command voice channel to allow for good communication with their teammates.

Strategies for organizing a tank crew command

Understand Tank in’s vulnerabilities hell break up, which seats are available in the armored vehicles and how to interpret the compass to define the basic knowledge of the dynamics of a tank crew. There are many tank variations in hell break up, from easy, medium and difficult. Each faction also has special iterations of these tanks, with defined sections that lead to their destruction faster than others under fire.

Players operating as crewmen and tank commanders often find other tanks as their primary targets, so studying what tanks are available to enemy armies when looking for their weak points goes a long way. For example, knowing the difference between a Panther and a Sherman could decide which tank wins in a one-on-one battle, especially since there are many new vehicles hell break up‘s updates. For example, the treads or rear plate are common weak spots on lighter tanks, while sweet spots are closer to the front plate on mid-range vehicles.

Drive the tank

There are technically three seats that players can claim when operating a tank, the most important of which is the driver’s seat. A narrow view of the battlefield makes this position perhaps the most difficult in a tank, as players will need some practice before mastering some aspects of the movement. tank clean hell break up operate with manual gears when in motion and work with a total of four transmission gears, in addition to a park and reverse option. Similar to the Infantry Machine Gunner in hell break upthe driver of a tank can also use a machine gun, but its position does not change, only shoot straight ahead.

After players start the tank’s engine, gears 1, 2 and reverse are mainly used to maneuver the vehicle’s direction and prepare other positions for battle. Gears 3 and 4 are designed to increase the tank’s speed and give the players in the driver’s seat the opportunity to quickly escape from a hopeless situation or get into a contested zone. Friendly fire is active, including the tank’s unfortunate ability to run over allied players as drivers may not be able to see them hell break up‘s night tickets. Regardless of what setting the broadcast is set to, players can see which setting is active by reading the prompt on their screen at the bottom right.

Carefully aim through the gunner’s seat

Crew members or commanders can also take the position of gunner in a tank, controlling the vehicle’s actual attack power, as the name suggests. Unlike being in the driver’s seat, the player has a more accurate field of view and can zoom in and out of their perspective. Icons will appear over allied players when aiming through the gunner spot, including friendly structures like outposts or garrisons hell break uprole of officer. While much simpler than the driver’s seat, gunners should be aware of their cannon’s physical limitations, as individual cannon shells require time-consuming reloading, not to mention how the cannon itself limits movement due to its cumbersome size.

Command action through the periscope

Although a tank only needs the gunner and driver’s seat spots to function minimally, the periscope plays a crucial role in optimizing a squad’s dynamics. Navigation and spotting are the responsibilities defined by the position of the periscope, assisting both driver and gunner alike. Tank commanders armed with their binoculars are best suited to the broader perspective of the periscope’s role than regular crew members hell break upThe maps scale with real-world locations for large and complex areas. The navigation marks points on the map for the driver to follow and plots the best route to encounter hazards. Spotting helps the gunner aim and marks targets before firing to ensure an accurate shot.

Communicate with the compass

A universal mechanic shared by all positions of a tank’s crew is indicated by a compass at the bottom of each player’s screen when operating their roles. The degrees of the compass indicate the direction of the tank as a whole, not just each player’s individual perspective. When a tank crew is reporting an enemy’s location, it is best to use the compass notations to interpret enemy locations. While in certain cases it may be sufficient for a player to say that an enemy is on “their right”, claiming that an enemy is directly on the 120 degree marker immediately ties every role in the tank to it Position. Dominating the battlefields of hell break up requires quick action to outwit an army of enemies while players operate as a dynamic tank crew.

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