How to get a replacement MacBook charger

No matter how old or new your MacBook is, chances are the computer will outlast its charger. Whether you accidentally dragged it, rolled your desk chair over it, or it just stopped charging for no good reason, this MacBook charger never seems to last as long as the laptop it was designed to charge. If you’re not sure how to proceed, here’s how to get a replacement MacBook charger.

Step 1: Identify the charger you need

MacBook chargers

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While it may seem obvious at first glance, choosing the right MacBook charger isn’t as easy as you might think. Over the years, Apple has changed, tweaked and modified its laptop charger many times, so it’s best to check which charger your best MacBook needs. For example, the latest MacBook Air with M2 has a MagSafe charger, but older Macs may have a USB-C charger.

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