How to get Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In a life simulation adventure game like Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will encounter different materials, ingredients, and items in different regions. These items are essential for various quests; You will also need them for crafting, cooking and other purposes. Certain quest lines require players to find specific items that can only be found in specific biomes. Pebble is an item you need Disney Dreamlight Valleyand it can only be found in certain locations.

Pebble is required for various quests, an essential item to craft multiple objects. This item cannot be purchased from Goofy’s Stall and players must manually find it in the specific biomes. However, you will need a few items before you can search for Pebbles in the game.

How to find Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find pebbles Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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Pebbles can be found in four different biomes – Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, and The Forgotten Lands. All four of these biomes require players to unlock, and for that you’ll need a fair amount of Dreamlight. We recommend saving this currency by completing daily tasks and completing Dreamlight tasks. When you have enough, start unlocking these biomes to find Pebbles. The Dreamlight cost to unlock these biomes is listed below.

  • Dazzle Beach – 1,000 Dream Light
  • Forest of Valor – 3,000 Dreamlight
  • Sun-drenched plateau – 7,000 Dream Light
  • Forgotten Lands – 15,000 Dreamlight

Since Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor can be unlocked for less Dreamlight, we recommend visiting those biomes first. You’ll also need the Royal Shovel Tool to dig up Pebbles inside Disney Dreamlight Valley. Complete the first quests to get the Royal Shovel Tool. Once that’s done, visit any four locations and dig for Pebbles. However, you’re not always rewarded with pebbles for every dig. Pebbles’ drop rate is really low compared to other items, and it’s best to repeat the digging process between quests.

If you need a lot of pebbles, we recommend collecting a few at a time and storing them around your home. This allows you to continue collecting the item without replenishing your inventory. Similarly, bring a companion with Digging Hangout Bonus to get more Pebbles with each attempt. You can also examine the ground for shiny gold specks, as these areas have higher chances of rewarding rare items. Pebbles can be sold like other items and you will get 10 Star Coins. Some of the things you can craft with Pebbles are listed below.

  • zen garden
  • Spring
  • Loose dirt road
  • snow woman
  • snow child
  • Classic snowman

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