How to hang a curtain rod

Learning how to hang a curtain rod yourself is so useful because curtains and drapes are not only decorative but can also be used to keep the sun from getting too bright into a room. In addition, they can make the ceiling appear higher by hanging them a few inches above the window. Room darkening shades come with an extra layer on the back to completely hide the sun so you can sleep longer.

And in order to get all the benefits of a curtain, you need to know how to assemble the rod for hanging curtains correctly. Curtain rods come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to suit a variety of window layouts.

Curtains in master bedroom

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When we moved in, we installed beautiful white wooden blinds in our master bedroom. We didn’t need curtains to block the light, but the windows looked very bare. We decided to dress them up with some additional window treatments. We chose white linen curtains from IKEA (opens in new tab) and went with golden rods (opens in new tab) and curtain rings (opens in new tab). Before installing the bars, we had to gather the right tools.

1. Measure and mark the wall

The first step is to measure and mark where you will be hanging the brackets. Remember that the end cap, also known as the end piece, attaches to both ends of the rod and extends beyond the bracket, so you don’t want to install it too close to the wall. Tip: Install the rod 4-6 inches beyond the length of the window to make the window appear larger. You can also install it 6 inches or more above the window to make the window appear larger and give the illusion of a larger room.

mount curtain rod

Mark where the dowels and screws go

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2. Make sure it’s level

Once you’ve marked where you’ll be hanging your brackets on either end of the window, use a spirit level to make sure your marks are even so the pole is straight when you install it.

Dowels and screws on curtain rod

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3. Install the anchors

If you are not screwing the bracket into a stud, consider installing anchors to grip the sheetrock and hold the screws in place. There’s nothing more frustrating than installing your rods, only to have them pull out of the wall because of a stripped screw in the drywall. Anchors are typically provided along with the screws on the curtain rod. You install them by drilling a pilot hole where you marked the wall and gently tapping them in with a hammer.

Install curtain rod holders

(Image credit: Dori Turner)

4. Install the brackets and pole

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