How To Keep Onbu Happy In The Walking Village

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  • Dealing with Onbus Hunger

The Wandering Village lets you build a settlement on Onbu, a creature so massive that a small forest grows on its back. Although managing your settlement, growing food, and controlling disease might be your priorities, caring for your oversized tortoise should never be too far behind.

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On your journey together, you must manage Onbu’s health, poison levels, hunger, drowsiness, and confidence. It’s another layer of systems on top of those you already manage for the village itself that require investment of their own. This guide describes how to manage these mechanisms.

The Wandering Village is currently in Early Access on Steam and as such content is subject to change. We will update these articles as needed

Dealing with Onbus Hunger

Unlike your villagers, Onbu eats mushrooms, which can occasionally be found growing naturally along the way. However, this source is not reliable, and you will soon have to prepare food for Onbu.


Feeding Onbu requires unique infrastructure that doesn’t directly benefit the rest of your villagers. It eats mushrooms grown at a mycologist and turned into giant mushroom balls in the shape of Onbu food in an Onbu kitchen. Unlike conventional plants, mushrooms must be grown on earth instead of grassalthough it is more temperature tolerant than most other plants.

You can also find mushrooms from Looting in forests and poisoned forests. They can also be given as a reward for some encounters.

Getting the food in your mouth presents its own technical challenge. You’ll unlock those quickly Onbu Feeding Trebuchet to hurl every bullet into the mouth, Restore 20% of his hunger and give him a little more trust.

Later in the game you can use one Onbu feed pump to feed it with liquefied Onbu feed, created by conversion Onbu food in an Onbu food liquifier. While this method restores twice as much hunger, every time you do it will also hurt Onbu’s trust in you. This method can come in handy when you’re running low on supplies, although it may not be sustainable in the long run.

Keep Onbu healthy

build in Onbu Doctor lets you help Onbu Dealing with his poison level and overall health. The structure consumes the same herbs needed to keep your villagers happy.

Not surprising, Onbu consumes more herbs than your villagers. You should try to save as many herbs as possible for painful rainy days.

Onbu’s venom concentration will increase over time as it inhales toxic air with lower quality air, the level rises faster. If left too long, Onbu will do it become seriously ill and begin to lose health. The Onbu Doctor can consume 10 herbs to create an antidote lower his poison level by 20 percent and increase his trust in you.

Poison levels are higher on the ground where Onbu is resting. Try to run it through toxic areas if possible.

Extracting resources from Onbu and some biome events will damage Onbu and reduce his health. Onbu can gradually recover over time, although getting the Onbu Doctor to do it would be wise heal health, consume 30 herbs too increase his health by 20 percent and increase his confidence in you.

Managing Onbu’s trust

It takes time to develop, but having a good working relationship with the literal foundation of your home is a good idea. generally speaking, tFeeding Onbu well by taking care of his needs will build that trust Meanwhile painful things will erode trust. Onbu will be more likely to listen to your commands if it trusts you, which could make all the difference when it comes to stopping Onbu from eating mushroom-shaped rocks or even sprinting through a toxic cloud to minimize toxin levels.

You can research how to do it Let the Onbu Doctor pet himso you can build trust for free.

Sometimes you have no other choice injures Onbu to survive long-term. In the case of a particularly strong poisonous plant infestation, it may be necessary to extract the bile from it in order to burn the dangerous plant. Eating Onbu’s blood as blood sausage can save your people from starvation. It is It’s important to do this in moderation if you want Onbu to stay compliant long-term.

Giving onbu orders

Onbu commands can be given through the hornblowers, a building unlocked early in the Tech Tree. At the most basic level, it can tell Onbu where to turn at an intersection, how fast to move, and whether to take a break. Onbu treats these commands as suggestions and can choose not to obey, based on his trust in you.

Later research allows you to send more commands like eat and sleep. The former can be helpful when Onbu encounters Mushrooms but isn’t hungry. The latter is extremely useful. Onbu gets sleepy while driving and will automatically lie down and sleep when it feels the need. This can lead to situations where Onbu chooses to do this Sleep in extremely toxic environments or even in the path of thunderstorms. If you consult the map and see that there is a good chance that Onbu is sleeping in an inconvenient place, you can ask it to sleep before you get thereso you can minimize the time you spend in bad places.

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