How to meal plan to avoid unhealthy eating, according to our nutrition expert

These pro tips and advice will take the stress out of meal planning

In today’s busy world, planning healthy meals can be difficult. Add to this the challenges of choosing nutritious foods and budgeting amid inflation, and many people are opting for processed or fast foods, which are affordable but lack nutritional value. That’s why we turned to our nutrition expert for advice to help consumers plan meals and eat healthy foods.

Molly Bremer, MS, RD; is a director and nutritionist at Mosaic Nutrition in Burlington, Vermont. We asked them to share their thoughts on some common issues that lead to unhealthy eating. Her meal prep tips and product recommendations will help you improve your diet. The Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Triple Clad 12-Piece Cookware Set, All-Clad Programmable Slow Cooker, and OXO Good Grips POP Container Set are three of the recommended products featured in this article.

Concentrate on the foods you eat

Healthy eating planning begins with evaluating the types of foods to include in your diet. Bremer said eating a variety of healthy foods is essential, but also foods people enjoy eating. “I recommend having a selection from the five food groups (grains, protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables) and having fun foods,” she said. “This may come as a surprise to some people, but it’s just as important for your health to include healthy foods in your diet, such as fruits and vegetables. When we broaden our view of health to take a more holistic approach (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual), ‘health’ is viewed as more than just physical health.”

Eat healthy while budgeting

When it comes to grocery shopping in 2022, inflation will be a big factor for many people. According to the US Department of Agriculture, food prices are 11.4% higher than in August 2021.

“Due to our current economic situation, many Americans are having to think about how they can continue to eat healthily while staying on a tighter budget,” Bremer said, adding that the planning will help consumers keep costs under control. “I would suggest trying to plan ahead first by assessing what groceries you already have and making a shopping list after that. It’s a helpful strategy for cutting back on unnecessary grocery purchases and ultimately saving money,” she said.

Bremer also suggests that shoppers consider low-cost foods like rice, eggs, bananas, beans, peanut butter, and frozen and canned foods to save money.

“I would also recommend looking into the qualification requirements for nutritional assistance programs such as SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; formerly known as Food Stamps), WIC (Women, Infants and Children), or other state and local programs.”

Healthy meal planning and time management

As a nutrition expert, Bremer said she’s often asked for grocery shopping and cooking tips for people with busy lifestyles. “I suggest trying to develop a meal planning system that includes canned and frozen foods, and if you have the resources, outsource as much as possible.” Bremer shared other time-saving tips:

  • “When planning meals, I encourage people to make a list of protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, drinks, and fun foods.”
  • Once you’ve shopped for your groceries, you can save time by preparing everything at once. Meal prep looks different for everyone. For some, it means washing and chopping veggies for easy grab-and-go snacks. For others, it means making lasagna and wild rice soup for a week.
  • Including frozen and canned food can change the game. “I always have a selection of frozen and canned appetizers and sides on hand. Some staples I add are frozen meatballs, canned soup, boxed mac and cheese, frozen veggies, canned beans, and frozen dumplings.”
  • “I would recommend involving other people, such as children, spouses, or babysitters, to help with grocery shopping or cooking if possible to spread responsibility and reduce the task load.”

Plan healthy meals for kids

Cooking for kids presents some challenges, but Bremer made suggestions for preparing meals that they enjoy and are good for.

“My first recommendation for meal planning for families with children is to think of Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility, which simply states: Parents are responsible for what, when, and where food is served, and children are responsible for if and how they are served eat a lot of food,” she explained. The parent who cooks food is often seen as a short-term cook, but this can add a lot of extra stress and limit the variety of foods the children are exposed to. If parents are struggling to feed everyone in the family, I recommend trying to find a meal where there are options and choices.”

Bremen continued. “Like hosting a taco night where family members can decide if/what protein and veggies and amount of cheese and other toppings they want. Or if it’s steak night and one of the kids is vegetarian, use the same marinade on tofu and serve the same side dishes. It can be difficult and nuanced, so I recommend working with a nutritionist who specializes in family nutrition. If that’s not an option, I would look at literature from the Ellyn Satter Institute.”

Snack healthy

“Snacks are a helpful tool for bridging the gap between meals,” said Bremer, who recommends having two to three snacks each day to help prevent blood-sugar drops that can lead to overeating. “I recommend combining protein, fiber, and fat to create filling and filling snacks. Some of my favorite snacks include trail mix (with M&Ms and granola), Greek yogurt parfaits with fruit and granola, apples with peanut butter, or a fruit, veg, ground flaxseed, nut butter, and milk smoothie. If I’m just in the mood for a bag of BBQ chips I’ll eat these chips as they satisfy my mental hunger but I know they probably won’t keep me physically full and I may need to have a meal or two and a snack soon” , she guessed.

Bremer’s product recommendations for healthy meal planning and nutrition

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