How To Move To A New Office

Game developer tycoon addresses a unique paradox in the gaming industry. A tycoon game making games within the game world is a thought of something that can make or break a player’s mind.

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Deep thoughts aside, the game stays true to the tycoon game genre and has its way of showing level progression. From releasing the very first game from a garage to a multi-million dollar gaming studio, this game has it all!


Garage (level 1): As with the true Bootstrap developers, the game begins with a single developer (the player) creating their first game in their garage. This is where the single-man game studio gains a foothold in the video game industry and releases its first game. As the game progresses and when the studio reaches $1M and in year 4 or year 5, the game offers an option to upgrade to an office. While the number sounds scary, a single hit game selling nearly 100,000 units should help reach the goal.

Small Office (Level 2): This would be the first instance of the game’s proper office setup. While it’s not fancy, it has enough space to house five staff including the player, and this is where the team really starts to form. Players can explore new themes, create their first custom new engines, and offer management training for their playable character. Upon reaching a cumulative net worth of $5 million or year 11 and if the studio is home to two employees, the game would prompt for an upgrade to Level 3 Office.

Small Office (Level 3): The Level 3 office is usually the same but with much fancier settings. The studio name is better highlighted and the office now has more vibrant colors with new paint and furniture work. While this doesn’t sound like a huge step forward, the upgrade is a bridge between abandoning the old and venturing into something new. As time in the office progressed, players could end up with publishing deals that would require more staff, or in simple terms, the game would force the player to fill the maximum staff slots.

Middle Office (Level 4): After reaching a cumulative net worth of over $16 million with 13.9 years in the industry (with four employees), the game leads to a move to a larger office at the cost of all net worth. This would be the last office to move into and all other expansions like the research and development labs, hardware labs, etc. can be unlocked here. This is also the place where the gamer could create and develop their very first game console

Game developer tycoon can be played on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Linux and Classic Mac OS.

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