How To Play As Candace In Genshin Impact

With each character, Hoyoverse developers introduce a new and unique playstyle Genshin Impact. Players can find their favorite characters and play styles across seven different elements and five types of weapons. Characters play an important role in keeping players in the game due to their unique design.

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Candace is a four-star polearm-wielding character in the game that belongs to the Sumeru Desert. She had a big role to play in Sumeru’s Archon quest line and players feel special playing this character. There are a few tricks you can use to use them efficiently.

Time your elemental ability

If you have tried Beidou or Yun Jin in Genshin Impact, You may already be familiar with the parry mechanic. Candace’s Elemental Skill has two different uses. First, you can Just hold down the skill button to move forward with your shield and harm people in front of you.


Secondly, You can hold her ability to use as a barrier until she charges, and using this ability allows you to deal additional damage. While it’s obvious that you should use this ability the second way, It can waste quite a bit of time if you just hold it and stand there.

That The cooldown for her holding stance for Elemental Skill is also longer than the pressing stance. This issue will be resolved when you get her fourth constellation as the cooldown is the same for both uses.

Candace has one passive talent called Aegis of Crossed Arrows that eliminates the time wasting with their holding posture, however It takes skill and timing to use this ability. Once you have unlocked this talent, If you take damage while holding your ability, it will immediately charge up.

It means that You can perfectly time this skill with an enemy’s attack, so you don’t have to spend time charging it. The cooldown reduction along with this ability makes holding stance a viable option in any fight. Aside from that, The amount of damage you take while holding the shield doesn’t matter.

If you are hit by an enemy attack, this ability will charge even if it deals damage.

It’s also worth noting that the damage dealt by both the Squeeze and Hold stances of Candace’s elemental ability is in an area in front of her. Even though, You can freely change the direction of your attack while holding it.

It’s easy to build

You may already know that There aren’t many characters that scale on HP in Genshin Impact. Most characters are based on ATK percent, which makes your artifact farming a little annoying. There is a high chance that you will get HP Percent or DEF Percent as the main stats for Sands, Goblets and Circlets.

Imagine getting an HP Percent Sands with Crit Rate and Crit DMG as sub-stats. Thank God, Candace can use all of these parts because of their scale. This also makes them easy to build because There aren’t many characters that compete for HP stats.

Another issue with HP-based characters in the past has been their split scaling. The developers notoriously have some characters shield ability on their HP while their damage was still based on ATK. This made her one of the more difficult characters to get balanced stats.

This has since been fixed with Candace as well both the damage she can take and the Damage she deals with her skill and burst scale to HP. Her normal attacks still depend on her ATK, but you won’t use them too often.

Also, the best artifact sets for them are the common ones that you can use for many characters. So in case you get good ATK parts for them while farming them, you can always find a character to hold them.

Candace is extremely flexible

As the character roster increases in the game, that’s it difficult for developers to create unique characters that can perform well in many scenarios. Hence some characters in the game have reduced their flexibility just to make them unique.

Thankfully, Candace isn’t one of them because she can fit into a ton of builds from off-field support to the main damage dealer. Your preferred play style too decides the number of resources you need to put into their construction. For example, you would need to upgrade their normal attacks if you want to use them as DPS.

Their constellations change their playing style

Each character in the game has six constellations and You need to get a total of seven copies for a given character to get them all. Since Candace is a four star character, You have a high chance of getting multiple constellations from her when you pull a banner that has it on it.

Also, she’s not a constellation dependent character, which means She can also perform well at C0. However, when you get their constellations, they can change their playstyle in the following ways:

  • With the base kit, her Elemental Burst lasts nine seconds with a 15 second cooldown. With the first constellation this duration jumps to 12 secondswhich makes their uptime much better.
  • Aside from having an impact on how you use your Elemental Skill, the fourth constellation is their sixth constellation makes them a great off-field hydro applicator, similar to Yelan or Xingqiu. With this constellation You can use them with Pyro DPS for Vaporize or Cryo DPS for Freeze.

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