How to play Lagoon, Darkflight and Dragon comps in TFT 7.5 PBE

The new mid-set expansion Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands is finally available in the Public Beta Environment is finally available in the Public Beta Environment, and as we head into the first weekend of testing, it’s time for players to start learn the best compositions to play. Here is a TFT 7.5 Comps Guide introducing the newer features in Uncharted Realms.


Lagoon is a comp focused on machine gun spells. | Provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

Lagoon is the new major vertical synergy in the new set; It’s a brand new way for players to play a powerful magic damage composition. For this composition it is important that the players cast magic as fast and as often as possible. Because of this, Mages are a central element of any Lagoon composition. Since Lagoon has two mages built into the comp, players only need to add one more and the best option is certainly Zoe. To round out the build, it’s important to take advantage of the other classes of Lagoon champions. Mystic and Guardian make Rakan a perfect complement, while Zyra adds some much-needed CC while also being an Evoker.


Comp is easy, put in five dragons and call it a day. Be sure to use Terra’s Monolith hexes. | Provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

This is by far the easiest endgame board to easily win games in the entire update. With the new Dragon trait changes, late-game players can just turn off their wits and slam their board with five dragons. At level nine, players can place five dragons as the trait inherently grants players a built-in champions crown. Of course, players need to get to the late game first, which can only really happen when players switch from a comp to this one. Essentially, players can get to this point if they are good at only playing the “strongest board.” All that’s left is to determine which five dragons to run. Terra, Shi Oh Yu, Sy’Fen, Aurelion Sol and Shyvana seem to be the best to run for these TFT 7.5 comps.

dark flight

Darkflight is hilarious when players can spread out via Zephyr or Zz’Rot Portal. | Provided by Warren Younger/ Team Builder.

After Dragons, we have one of the trickier comps in the expansion; dark flight. Since the Darkflight trait can duplicate items, it’s important to find the best items that players want multiples of. Some of these are Titan’s Resolve and Hand of Justice from a combat-only perspective. However, items like Zephyr and Zz’rot Portal are insane in this composition from a utility standpoint. When players go this route, it’s important that players find a carry that doesn’t originally come from the trait. Champions like Yasuo, Graves, and Pantheon are awesome carries that don’t really need synergy bots to bounce. As for prioritizing items on a Darkflight champion, it’s wise to invest tank items in Swain.

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