How To Rescue Hangman At The Subway Station In Serial Cleaners

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Latis fourth mission in Serial cleaners requires a lot of backtracking when you’re cleaning up a derelict subway station. This stage offers Lati plenty of opportunities to use her climbing and distraction skills, and even a clever trap you can use to ambush an unsuspecting officer!

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There is a lot to do in the subway station, but you have to fight the urge to rush. Like the rest of the game, this mission rewards players who take a measured, methodical approach. Read on to find out how to complete the level!


At the beginning of the mission there is only one way – up! If you go to the left, you will be spotted immediately, so Climb up the ladder next to the car to reach the fire escape of a nearby building. walk all the way to the roof, collecting two pieces of evidence; one along the way and one at your destination.


After getting the evidence on the roof, go back and the first escape Go down the ladder on the left. Use it to descend to the crime scene. at the staircase, crouch and move slowly between the building and the police barriers to get past the policeman guarding the entrance. When the shore is clear clean the blood and grab the evidence. You can throw it over the metal barriers on the right and then hop yourself to turn in the evidence at the car.

The police officer will soon realize that the evidence is missing. Crouch behind the squad car to not be seen.

Once the evidence is kept safe, sneak past the cop again and move to the left. You’ll find a tunnel to squeeze through that leads to a large bloody area patrolled by a lone cop. Clean the blood on the side where the cop is not, then wait for him to switch and repeat the process. Once you’re done and he’s not looking Climb onto the dumpster near the stairs to reach the roof of the covered passage leading to the subway platform.

Walk along the roof carefully so you don’t fall through any holes and go to the right Pick up the submachine gun. Follow the roof down the right stairs until you are above the squad car at the crime scene entrance; When the cop looks away Throw the gun at your car Then jump down to drop it.

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waiting area and platform

From the starting point, go up the stairs to the platform entrance. A policeman patrols upstairs; if they don’t look Open the ticket window and climb through into the building. There’s another cop inside, so if you need to dodge them Go halfway up the stairs to the right until they move on.

The policeman in the waiting area Patrols clockwise, so move around the room to remove blood and follow his path to avoid being noticed. do not forget it undo evidence in the upper right corner. You can jump over the turnstiles on the left or the barriers at the back of the room for a quick escape.

The body on the left past the turnstiles can be easy taken out through the nearby doors. Wait for the cop on the stairs exit to the rightthen bring the corpse down the stairs and to the left.

You can permanently neutralize the cop in the holding area even if you’re not playing as Hal!

Knock him out with a door and Pick up the key he was carryingthen flee.

As soon as he stops looking for you use the key to open the cabin next to the turnstiles. Put the intercom on for him to investigate; this is best done while he is on the leftas it gives you more time to hide.

Wait nearby for the policeman to enter the booth. as soon as he does Shut the door and lock him up!

Once you are back at street level, put the body down and pull it Stay low as this will help keep the cop patrolling the area from seeing you. Drag the corpse to the left and as far as possible throw it in the sewer before making your way back to the platform.

The body on the right side of the waiting area could use a little more preparation. Distract the cop Highlight the top right corner of the room. When he investigates, pick up the corpse and bring it out to the left. Dispose of them the same way as the previous one.

Corpses can be thrown over the turnstiles of the subway.

Take you out of the waiting area either stairs to reach the subway platform. There is a police officer on either side, each controlling both the platform and the train itself. Choose a side and get to work; When the next policeman is on the platform, clean the train and vice versa. Squat down as often as possible so as not to be seen through the windows. When it’s time to move a body throw it over the railing on the left; it will end up near the sewers!

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How to save executioners

At the far left end of the train you’ll find Lati’s cousin Andre, known to the street as “Hangman”. He’s wounded, so you have to take him to the car. The game treats it like a body for all intents and purposes, except you cannot throw it over obstacles and the police will be more suspicious when they find him out of place.

The best way to get Hangman out is Take him down the next flight of stairs, halfway down waiting for the cop in the waiting area to look the other way to see if he’s still in on the act. Get him out through the left door and down the stairs. When the cop moves away from the squad car at the entrance, take the opportunity to dash by and put Hangman in the passenger seat.

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