How to unlock new Overwatch 2 heroes for free without Battle Pass

New heroes in Overwatch 2 will be available immediately for Battle Pass owners, but players can unlock them without spending a penny on the game. Here’s how to do it.

Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4th with three new heroes in the form of Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko, but only the latter will be hidden behind a Battle Pass at launch.

To instantly play as Overwatch 2’s newest support hero, players can pay $10 for the Premium Battle Pass, but there are a few other methods to unlock her and future characters that won’t cost you anything.

It may take some effort, especially for those looking to play the newest hero within the season, but determined fans should be able to pull it off and they’ll have ample opportunity to do so.

Kiriko unlockedBlizzardEntertainment

New heroes can be unlocked by grinding the open track to level 55.

How to Unlock New OW2 Heroes Without a Battle Pass

Beginning with Season One, players who grind the Battle Pass free track will be able to unlock Kiriko at level 55.

It’s not yet clear how long it will take to level a Battle Pass, but players will get a little boost from queuing with a friend, so finding someone will be of great help. who joins your search.

In addition, you can also use Overwatch Coins, a currency new in the sequel, to instantly unlock heroes. Overwatch Coins can be earned by completing weekly and daily challenges.

And once you’ve saved up 1,000 Overwatch Coins, you can even choose to just buy a Battle Pass and get the new hero and all sorts of other rewards right away.

Supervise 3 coin challengesBlizzardEntertainment

Players can earn Overwatch Coins to unlock heroes.

However, not everyone may be able to grind up to level 55 on the Battle Pass free track. Fear not, however, because even when the season ends, you can still unlock new heroes with a little work.

How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Heroes from Past Seasons

Heroes from previous seasons will be available in Overwatch 2 in the form of weekly challenges – even if you missed your chance to unlock them early.

Completing these challenges grants access to characters and might be a little easier to work with than hitting level 55 on the free track when the hero is about to be released.

The Overwatch developers have said that they want to make unlocking heroes an easy process so that someone entering the game in a year’s time can naturally and easily have more characters available before heading in question comes.

Use all of these tips and your list of heroes will be able to grow in no time without spending a penny.

How to play as new Overwatch 2 heroes before unlocking them

While permanently unlocking new heroes gives you broad access to all game modes, players can actually test locked characters before earning them. This can be done in a number of ways.

First of all, all heroes can be used in both practice space and custom games. If you just want to try out some of the new abilities in a quick warm-up, or kick back in a friendly custom lobby, you can enjoy all the latest heroes.

Likewise, locked heroes will also be accessible in arcade modes like No Limits, Mystery Heroes, Mystery Deathmatch, and more. This also includes selected special event modes across the board so you don’t miss a thing.

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