How to Watch Atlanta Season 4

This fall we’re saying goodbye to one of FX’s most remarkable shows, Atlanta, which will conclude its story with the fourth and final season. The Emmy-winning comedy-drama first premiered in 2016 and immediately captivated audiences with its focus on Atlanta rap culture and modern black sociopolitical commentary. The series subverted critics’ and audiences’ expectations with its unpredictability and absurdist tone that has persisted through all seasons. Despite its positive dynamics Atlanta had to wait four years between seasons two and three due to scheduling conflicts and the pandemic. However, the renewal of Season 4 in early 2019 allowed for the back-to-back filming of Seasons 3 and 4, leading to their double-season feature on FX that year.


Season 3 aired in Spring 2022, with the show’s most experimental season to date set overseas in Europe. In the locations of Amsterdam, London and Paris, the story follows Earn (Donald Glover), Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) and Wan (Zazie Beetz) along with Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry), who successfully landed a tour to perform across Europe. Despite mixed reviews from audiences, Season 3 still stayed consistent with Atlanta‘s signature surrealism mixed with chillingly dark commentary. It also challenged the episodic norms of storytelling with its various standalone plots set in America, including the very first episode that didn’t even feature or focus on the four main characters. Season 3 was a testament to Glover and the crew’s ambition to fearlessly take the show to a whole new, unexplored level.

Due to the unconventional past season, Glover and Series director Hiro Murai have promised that Season 4 will be “a homecoming season” and similar to Season 1 a cyclical ending to the series. It will be a farewell to its cast, crew and the very city the series is named after. Give Atlanta his deserved farewell so you can watch the series.

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When and where can you watch Atlanta Season 4?

The final season will be 10 episodes and begins September 15th at 10pm ET/PT on FX. The episodes are available to stream on Hulu the day after they air. The season will have a special premiere, with the first two episodes airing back-to-back. The rest of the episodes follow a weekly release schedule, appearing on FX every Thursday and streaming on Hulu the following Fridays.

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The official trailer was released by FX on August 2nd, 2022 and shows the core group back in Atlanta. After the success of Earn and Paper Boi, which took them to Europe last season, they appear to be settling back in the US, although their reputation still precedes them. Earn is stalked by young kids rapping in hopes of getting a label deal, while Paper Boi is in music studios being quizzed on how he achieves his style. Earn is also spending more time with Van and their daughter, Lottie. Meanwhile, Darius has some strange encounters with some white women. Overall, the trailer promises one final run of the group’s dynamics and antics in the show’s signature unpredictable manner.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, teasers have been released to show more of the chaos that Earn, Alfred, Darius and Van will be involved in. The first is titled This Feels Illegal as Hell and the second is Going Back to ATL.

What is Atlanta season 4 about?

After Season 3’s European focus, the final season returns to the US. The official synopsis of the season from the FX website is as follows:

Season 4 takes “Earn” (Donald Glover), “Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ Miles” (Brian Tyree Henry), “Darius” (LaKeith Stanfield) and “Van” (Zazie Beetz) back to their hometown. But the question is, has Atlanta changed, or have they?

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Atlanta season 4 episode guide

Episode 1: “The Most Atlanta” – September 15, 2022

Episode 2: “The Homeliest Little Horse” – September 15, 2022

Episode 3: “Born to Die” – September 22, 2022

Episode 4: “Light SkinnedEd” – September 29, 2022

Episode 5: “Work Ethic!” – October 6, 2022

Episode 6: “Crank Dat Killer” – October 13, 2022

Episode 7: “Snipe Hunt” – October 20, 2022

Episode 8: “Andrew Wyeth. Alfred’s World” – October 27, 2022

Episode 9: “TBA” – November 3, 2022

Episode 10: “TBA” – November 10, 2022

In the past decade, bolder and more ambitious comedy series have emerged, crossing the line between genres and often possessing a confident comedy tone grounded in relatable experiences. These shows are also heavily character driven to bring unique ensemble dynamics to life as characters are thrown into random or bizarre situations. With Atlanta In conclusion, the following shows, also created by their respective leads (and also continuing the trend of one-word titles), are worth checking out for their nuanced characters and intriguing storylines.

Unsure (2016 – 2021): Another show that focuses on black storytelling, Unsure is the breakout project of Issa Rae who developed the show on HBO from their web series Awkward black girl. It ran for five seasons and followed the lives of two best friends, Issa Dee (Rae) and Molly Carter (Yvonne Orji) while navigating their 30s in Los Angeles, California. The comedy-drama highlights the experiences of black women and was acclaimed for creating humanized characters that were not overt stereotypes. Rae received two Golden Globe nominations and two Emmy nominations for her leading role in the series. Unsure remains a valued show for its witty and relatable comedy along with its contribution to black female representation.

Watch on HBO MaxDavid (2020 – present): This FX-adjacent show on FXX was created by a star-studded rapper lil dicky, who portrays a fictionalized version of himself trying to further his rap career. The series takes on a confident and satirical tone, centered in particular on the off-putting protagonist Dave, a privileged white male in the rap industry. Beyond his shallow, gritty humor lie some heartfelt life lessons, particularly in relation to the themes of stardom vs. real life. In its first two seasons, the show has landed several cameos and guest appearances from real-life rappers and musicians doja cat and Justin Bieber. The third season is on the way after renewal earlier this year. Until then, the first two seasons are available to stream on Hulu.

Watch on Huluramy (2019 – present): This Hulu series revolves around the Muslim American experience through the character of Ramy Hassan (Ramy Youssef), who lives in New Jersey. The comedy-drama explores profound themes rooted in Ramy’s inner struggles to maintain his faith and live his modern life. Similar to Unsure and Atlanta, ramy brings the perspective of another underrepresented demographic, Egyptian-American Muslims. The talented cast and fully developed characters encompass Hiam Abbass (successor) as Ramy’s mother Maysa and May Calamawy (moon knight) as Ramy’s sister Dena. Youssef has already won a Golden Globe for his leading actor performance on the show and has received nominations for Emmys, Critics Choice Awards and SAG Awards. The revealing series balances its comedy with the relatable identity struggles that Ramy wrestles with throughout the show. The third season is scheduled to premiere on September 30 this year, with two seasons already available on Hulu.

Watch on Hulu

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