How to Watch ‘House of the Dragon’ in the UK (for Free)

It is here: game of Thrones Fans have finally made all their fantasies come true with the arrival of the all-new prequel series, house of the dragon, which premiered on Sunday August 21st. Well, most game of Thrones fans. Such was the rush for streaming that several viewers complained that their HBO services had crashed The Hollywood Reporter.

But with great power comes great responsibility, which is why HBO Max — which aired the series in the US — was quick to point the mess at Amazon, blaming their Fire TV device. A feud not quite in the Lannisters’ and Starks’ leagues, admittedly, but viewers are instead hoping for a happy alliance for the remainder of the 10-episode series.

In the UK, it was a 2am call time for any Game of Throners looking to get into the series first. Many HBO series in the UK are shown on Sky Atlantic and caught up on NOW TV, a paid service with NOW TV’s Entertainment Pass billed at £9.99 per month.

The reign of House Targaryen begins


Watch House of the Dragon for free

As the cost of living rises, the public’s streaming budgets are shrinking. But if you’re smart, you can watch the entire series of house of the dragon without paying a single cent.

Step forward: the free seven-day trial of NOW TV. If you sign up for the trial a week before the final episode on Tuesday 18th October we estimate you should have time to watch the previous 9 episodes before the grand finale which airs on Monday 24th October watching binge watch. Of course, remember to cancel your trial on your account before any money is withdrawn after this one week.

What do the critics think?

Is the new Dragon and Royalty fantasy series worth a watch? Initial reports suggest so. Here, at esquirewe called it a “nuanced” hit that will “make you feel like you’re stepping back into the first season of the biggest TV event of the last decade.” The guard called it “a resounding success…everything is like GoT’s heyday,” with the LA times approvingly: “It recaptures the power and grandeur of the original.”

That New York Times was a little less generous in his praise, claiming it was “flat” and “stamped out of Martin’s production line of medieval fantasy typefaces”. Weekly entertainment says to stick with it because “the beginning is the hardest part […] Dragon does not rise immediately, but a house was not built in a day”.

All in all, the new exploits of House Targaryen are unlikely to attract new viewers in their own right, but are more than likely to make up for fans who were less than thrilled with the ridiculed finale episode Have. The less talked about it, the better.

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