Is the Vampire Film in Theaters?

In 2019 Sam Raimi announced that he was developing a horror film titled The bride, and movie fans couldn’t contain their excitement. Now, after several production company, director and producer changes, the world will finally be able to see it under a different name: The invitation. Based on the classic gothic novel Dracula through Bram Stoker, The invitation tells the story of a young woman who is thrust into the glamorous world of old money and finds something far more sinister behind the gilded facade. While many horror movies today have to stick to either the modern slasher camp or the subtle ghost story timepiece, The invitation seems to follow the line in bringing Victorian characters into the modern world. Here’s everything we know about where and how to watch this summer’s latest horror hit.


The director of The invitation is Jessica M Thompson. The Australian filmmaker made her debut with the 2017 film just a few years ago The light of the moon. This film told the story of a woman who was sexually assaulted in New York City and covers a period of six weeks following the attack, looking at the impact it has on her life and relationships. With Stephanie Beatrice, the film received incredible critical acclaim, earning a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Since then she has directed six episodes of the Australian television series. The end, about three generations of a family doing their best to navigate how to live meaningfully and die with dignity. With those credits behind her, her second feature is sure to be an interesting exploration of the real issues that make good horror movies classics.

The cast of The invitation reads like a who’s who list of up-and-coming British actors. The main role in the film is played by Evie Nathalie Emmanuel. Although she has appeared in critically acclaimed West End productions such as The Lion Kingmost people will recognize her for her role as Missandei on the hit HBO series game of Thrones. Since then, her career has been on fire with starring roles in franchises like maze runner and The Fast and the Furious as well as heartfelt TV shows like Four weddings and one death. Thomas Doherty plays Walter, the seductive cousin she meets at the wedding. Doherty started out in Disney Channel Original Movies like progeny but has now moved on to more demanding tasks. After a brief but charismatic appearance in Hi-Fihe has become a star of the successful reboot of gossip girl. Evie’s other male cousin, Oliver, is played by Hugh Skinner. Skinner rose to fame among American audiences as an overly emotional friend in fleasack and as young Colin Firth in Mamma Mia! here we go again. With several other veteran British actors rounding out the cast, it has the potential to be an exciting ensemble piece.

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When will the invitation be published?

The invitation will have a nationwide theatrical release on August 26, 2022. You can visit the film’s official website to find out which cinemas are playing the film near you.

Will the invite be streamed the same day as in theaters?

Unfortunately, The invitation won’t be available to stream on launch day, and there’s no news on which streaming service it will end up on.

However, Sony Pictures Entertainment signed a five-year deal in April 2021 that gives Netflix the exclusive US rights to Sony’s films once they leave theaters and premium video-on-demand services, so you can expect the film to be there will land coming months.

What is “The Invitation” about?

The official synopsis on Sony Pictures reads:

With her mother dead and no other known relatives, Evie takes a DNA test… and discovers a long-lost cousin she never knew she had. Invited by her newfound family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, she is initially seduced by the sexy aristocratic hostess, but soon finds herself caught up in a nightmare of survival as she uncovers twisted secrets in her family’s history and the unsettling intentions behind her sin reveals generosity

A full length trailer for The invitation was released on June 27th and reveals what has brought independent but lonely Evie to this vast and mysterious English country estate. While still mourning the death of her only family member, her mother, she realizes she is not as alone as she thinks when she discovers she has a cousin on a DNA website. At first she’s blown away by this charming family when they invite them to a luxurious wedding, but soon she’s scared to see what kind of people they are. However, it remains unclear what they are and where they are headed. They brutally stab someone at the dinner table, lick the blood from Evie’s injured finger and hint that a long-lost member needs to be replaced. Are they vampires? ghosts? Or just sadists? All that is clear is that Evie is in terrible danger.

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Other films like The Invitation

While waiting for your local cinema to be screened The invitationhere is a list of just a few horror movies that defied the genre and not only terrified audiences but left a lasting impression.

Nosferatu the vampire – To see how The invitation is heavily based on Dracula, it’s only fair that a vampire story is included in this list. Based on the classic 1922 German film, Nosferatu the vampire is a modern horror classic that inherits the rules and tone of its silent film predecessor. Set in 19th-century Germany, the film begins when Jonathan (Bruno Whole), a real estate agent, travels to Transylvania to meet the mysterious Count Dracula (Klaus Kinsky) to formalize the purchase of a property in his hometown. When Dracula arrives in Germany, he already has Jonathan under his spell and is bringing a plague to the city. It’s up to Jonathan’s fiancé Lucy (Isabella Adjani) to put an end to this evil. Kinski and Ganz are great, but it’s Adjani’s performance that blends the sensibility of silent film with contemporary horror, making it frightening and alluring.

Go out – No other horror film has changed the game like this in recent years Go out. The movie follows Chris (Daniel Kaluya), a black photographer visiting his white girlfriend’s family for the first time. Initially he finds her nice, if a little oversensitive about her racial differences, but soon uncovers a deeper and darker secret behind her facade. By mixing classic horror tropes with real themes like racism, director Jordan Peele creates something very special. Based on the trailer, The invitation seems to play with the same differences. It’s a winning combination that lets horror movies last long after jump scares have worn off.

Crimson Peak – Although it didn’t get the praise it deserved upon release, Crimson Peak is a high point in the director’s career Guillermo Del Toro. It tells the story of Edith (Mia Wasikowska), a young author devastated by a recent family tragedy who marries a charming rich man, Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston). Unfortunately, she has to break up with his cold sister, Lucille (Jessica Chastain) as well as the mysterious mysteries haunting her Crimson Peak estate. The film may not have many jump scares, but it will leave you haunted by the very real horrors of a dysfunctional family. As The invitation, Crimson Peak makes Victorian horror as fresh as ever and the cast makes it unforgettable.

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