Jordanluca’s latest collection is about Freud’s death drive

First seen in the March 2023 Style Edition of Wallpaper*we meet six rising stars – including Jordanluca, who is featured here – who are tearing up the catwalks of Milan’s fashion scene with fresh energy and creative spirit.

Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto founded Jordanluca in 2018 and showed in London for several seasons before moving their collections to Milan in 2022. Fusing Marchetto’s Italian heritage with the countercultural energy of Bowen’s native London, the couple’s visceral menswear collections often feature evocative elements that invoke fear in teenagers – whether it’s a necklace reminiscent of rose thorns, thigh-high lace-up leather boots or voluminous patchwork jeans, dragging across the floor in the wearer’s wake.


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