‘Selfish’ Tottenham boss hammered by trio as Levy told to ‘put him out of his misery now’

Antonio Conte, Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Credit: Alamy

Antonio Conte, Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Credit: Alamy

Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp and Jamie O’Hara all agree that Antonio Conte’s position at Tottenham has become ‘unsustainable’ and that Daniel Levy must now end his tenure.

Spurs collapsed late in the game at Southampton on Saturday when they threw away a 3-1 lead with 15 minutes remaining to level a 3-3 draw for the side, who sit at the bottom of the Premier League table what a decisive blow for them could be top 4 hopes.

Conte was furious with his side in his post-match press conference after the game, accusing them of being “selfish” and “lacking”.

The Italian also vented his anger on chairman Daniel Levy and the club’s owners in his brutal assessment of the club as a whole.

Conte now appears on the verge of being sacked and Carragher believes the stunning development of north London rivals Arsenal this season has made the Tottenham boss’ comments even worse.

Speaking after Conte’s very public tirade that Sky Sports The pundit tweeted: “Conte wants to be sacked this international break. Spurs should just put him out of his misery and do it tonight.

“His point that Spurs haven’t won for a long time is correct. But you don’t talk about your own club that way. “Especially when you get paid fortunes from them!

“Arsenal’s improvement this season after finishing above them last season defeats a lot of his arguments.”

Conte position now untenable

Sky Sports colleague Jamie Redknapp feels the same way Conte now faces the axe, although he agrees with some of the Italian’s statements.

Redknapp added: “It feels like his position is becoming untenable – I don’t see where he’s going from here.

“I felt like he talked his way out of a job after they lost to Nottingham Forest [in the Carabao Cup].

“Tottenham have sacked managers in the past, even ahead of the cup final. Starting to single out players is a surefire way to lose a dressing room.

“He mainly talks about the fact that the owners haven’t gotten a trophy in 15 years since the current chairman has been in charge. They had 10 or 11 managers. Great managers but never won anything.

“He feels that as long as the owners are in charge they will ever buy the players they need.

“I thought Conte might be the one to get the keys to the kingdom to buy the players he needs. But I think a lot of players were forced on him.

“He usually wins at clubs in his two or three years. Even he feels like he can’t win at Tottenham. It’s a sad state of affairs.”

Fuming Levy has to pull the trigger

Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara, who has been very vocal about his old club’s performance under Conte, also thinks Levy needs to act quickly.

He said Sky Sports: “I can’t believe he came out after a game and said that. I find it shocking.

“I don’t necessarily agree with him on some of the things he’s said about desire and passion and players not playing for each other, but those things are said in the dressing room after the game or on a Monday morning. or you can talk to Daniel Levy.

“Coming out in public and totally criticizing the whole football club I find outrageous.

“The players will of course hear this interview – he slammed them. If you dig them up in the media, they will turn their backs on them.

“If he says ‘they’ and not ‘we’ it means to me that the players might not be playing for him, he’s looking for a way out.

“I don’t think he necessarily wants to be there and I think the club has a big decision to make.

“I don’t think Daniel Levy will like this interview. I’ll be surprised if Conte will do next weekend. I think he’s looking for a way out.

“He talked about being selfish. But he’s the one who’s selfish if you’ve talked about it and criticize everyone in the club but himself.

“Alarm bells are ringing for me. And I think Levy will look at the comments he made because he included Levy in those comments saying ‘enough is enough we can’t have that from a Tottenham manager’.

“We all wanted it to work and it didn’t and it’s just getting a little sour now.

“Maybe you look at it and say, ‘If we can get a manager like Pochettino next week, let’s do it now, let’s cut ties and move on.’

“You don’t have to pay him [Conte] a four or five year contract that he has signed. His contract expires at the end of the season. It won’t cost much to let him go. And by the sound of it, he doesn’t want to be there.”

Tottenham are not back in action until Monday April 3 when they go to Everton. Although the probability that Conte is responsible for this game is slim.

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