Lancashire Constabulary – Latest update in search for Nicola Bulley

It has now been exactly two weeks since Nicola Bulley went missing and our search for the mother of two continues.

Specialists such as underwater search teams, mounted drones and the police helicopter will be on duty today as we comb the River Wyre and down to sea.

People may have had less policing activity around the river upstream of the weir at St area of ​​the river that becomes tidal and then goes out towards the shore in the last day or two than before.

During this investigation we have openly thought about what could have happened to Nicola and we continue to examine all possible scenarios in order to eliminate her. We regularly review our decisions.

Based on all the work we have done so far we continue to believe Nicola may have fallen into the river for some reason but we continue to investigate all possible leads and this includes looking at CCTV and dash cam footage and that Talking to people who are providing information to us.

It remains that at this point in all the extensive investigations we have conducted there is absolutely nothing to indicate that anything unforeseen happened or that a third party was involved in Nicolas’ disappearance, but the investigation is ongoing.

We are aware of media reports of a red van being reported to us and we would like to stress that while this has been reported to us and we are currently trying to identify the owner, there is nothing to indicate this was anything but one by many hundreds of vehicles in the area this morning. The investigative team is working through hundreds of pieces of information, and reports like this in the media can distract them from a serious investigation.

Our priority during this investigation was to find Nicola and provide answers to her family. They continue to be supported by specially trained officials and updated regularly.

Unfortunately, we continue to see unprovoked and hurtful abuse of innocent people, including witnesses and local businesses, which is totally unacceptable

We continue to see a vast amount of commentary from so-called experts, ill-informed speculation and conspiracy theories damaging the investigation, the community of St. Michael and, worst of all, Nicola’s family. It has to stop.

We have consulted with the National Crime Agency who, together with a range of national experts, offer ongoing advice and support.

We do not tolerate anti-social or criminal behavior and do not hesitate to use the powers available to us and take action where necessary. A Section 34 dispersal order applicable to St. Michael has been lifted but will be reinstated if we detect a repeat of behavior from earlier in the week.

We will have an increased presence in the village over the weekend and if anyone has any information or concerns they are welcome to come and speak to us.

Anyone with information or footage is asked to submit information via the Major Incident Public Portal (MiPP) at Public Portal (


Nicola is white, 45 years old, 5ft 3in, with light brown shoulder length hair. She speaks with an Essex accent. She was last seen in a long, knee-length black quilted vest with a hood. Underneath she wore a black coat by Engelbert Strauss, which had long sleeves and reached to her waist. She was wearing tight black jeans and had long green hiking socks tucked into her jeans. She was wearing size 5 green ankle boots from Next.

Her hair was tied in a ponytail. She wore a light blue Fitbit.


8:26 a.m. – Nicola leaves her home address with her children

8.40am – Nicola takes the kids to school and has a quick chat with another parent.

8.43am – Nicola walked along the path by the River Wyre towards the Tor/Bank in the lower field after taking her children to school

8:47 a.m. (approximately) – A dog walker – someone who knows Nicola – spotted her walking her dog in the lower field. Their two dogs interacted briefly before the witness left the field across the river path

8:53 am – She emailed her boss

8:59 a.m. – She texted a friend

9:01 am – She logged into a Teams call

9.10am (approximately) – A witness – someone who knows Nicola – saw her walking her dog Willow in the upper field. Work is being done today to determine exactly what time that was.

9.20- Your phone was back in the bank area

9:30 am – The Teams call ended but Nicola stayed logged on

9:33 a.m. (Approx.) – Nicolas Handy and Willow were found by another dog walker on a bank by the river.


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