Latest Pokémon News: Bizarre Scarlet and Violet glitch turns eggs into items, Go players roast awful item shop deals

Pokemon scarlet And Violet had a few glitches, some worse than others, but this last one is perhaps the strangest of all – it turns eggs into all sorts of objects.

In other news, Pokemon Go Players are angry that another bad item, a not-so-great-at-all Great Box, is being sold in the item shop, and they fear the worst.

And on another note, a die-hard Pokemon Fan created a nostalgic version of Scarlet fever And Violet that could have existed somewhere on the Game Boy Color in a parallel universe.

Well, I wasn’t expecting that…

The last thing you’d expect in the egg basket after two Pokémon breed each other over a picnic is a Cheri Berry, but that’s exactly what a player finds time and time again when breeding Pokémon. For some reason, every time they rummage through the basket, they get another instance of the delicious berry – and stumble upon another duplication error.

According to other players it may be because the player placed the picnic on a Cheri Berry spawn point on the ground and it can also be replicated with other items like Starpieces to farm money.

Go Players are fed up with bad item shop packs

Yesterday, Niantic pulled off an incredible boost box deal Pokemon Go Item Store after the community was convinced of how good it was, causing countless players to miss it and lose their minds in return.

Today the anger and disappointment only increased after Niantic added a new Great Box bundle that wasn’t worth the price at all. It has 50 Razz Berries, 50 Pinap Berries, and 50 Nanab Berries, all of which are easy to find for an inflated price of 750 PokéCoins.

Additionally, their inflated value in the pack has led some players to believe that the items within may soon be nerfed, similar to how Golden Razz Berries were nerfed some time ago.

If Scarlet fever And Violet existed on the Game Boy Color, it would look like this

A Pokemon A fan named Taynathon made a video of Scarlet fever And Violet based on what it would look like if released on the Game Boy Color in 1999 and it captivated the community.

It features the main character’s encounter with Mela, the leader of Team Star’s firefighting crew, who fights Meowscarada with Aramrogue, complete with retro designs and blaring music.

Other gamers loved it so much that they hope to one day see an actual version turned into a game, which of course would have to be released as an unofficial ROM, which Game Freak won’t like.


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