LoL Worlds 2022: How To Get The Tiffany & Co Chromas

Riot has promised some epic eSports drops during the League of Legends World Championship, but Tiffany & Co’s promised chromas are far and wide. Finally, Riot fixes the drops and gives us exact dates of when to expect them.

Crystal Rose Zyra and Swain
Three chromas for the Crystal Rose skins should drop. | © Riot Games

Players can do this throughout the League of Legends World Championship Get rewards just by watching the event. Riot does this every time they have a major international tournament. These drops encourage players to actually watch the event instead of sleeping and just tuning in to the VODs the next morning.

For this World Cup, Riot has promised to increase the rewards and even implemented them special chromas for Akshan, Zyra and Swain and their Crystal Rose skins, but it seems like players didn’t get those drops. So Riot is fixing it. When do you need to tune in to get those special chromas?

LoL Worlds 2022: Riot fixes Chroma Drops from Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co have worked with Riot on several occasions, designing the championship rings for those who win the Spring Summer Split in the LCK, redesigning the LPL championship trophy and even creating one this year brand new Summoner’s Cup.

They also did some special chromas, but once again Riot’s drop system seems to be bugged. 2022 isn’t the first year fans have complained about the drop rate, this issue dates back to 2020 when almost no drops were awarded to players who watched the event on the official Lolesports website.

On one Reddit post Riot5oda explained that they are trying something new with the Crystal Rose chromas this year and that Riot wants everyone to have a chance to get these ultra-fast chromas. So if some fans missed their chance to get them then don’t worry there are more chances to get them by watching.

Speaking of new content in LoL, have you checked out K’Sante yet? Here’s a little rundown of the latest LoL champion:

Tiffany & Co Crystal Rose Chroma Drop Dates

As previously mentioned, three champions have gained chromas. The Akshan drop was already over, but Riot is adding a new date to get your hands on the Chroma when you tune in to catch all the League of Legends esports action.

Here are all the dates when you can get the Crystal Rose Drops:

  • Crystal Rose Zyra: First game of DRX vs EDG on October 23rd
  • Crystal Rose Akshan (Re-Drop): First game of the first semifinals on October 29
  • Crystal Rose Swain: First game of the second semi-final on October 30th

You don’t have to own the champion or skin to get the chroma. When you get it, it stays in your inventory until you get the champion and skin. So don’t worry, if you only play Swain in ARAMs and have the chroma, you’ll still get it.

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