Los Angeles Lakers insiders have LeBron James fear after latest injury setback

The Los Angeles Lakers are bracing for the worst for LeBron James’ future after the NBA legend suffered a dramatic foot injury last week and is now facing a hiatus from the court

LeBron James suffered a foot injury against the Dallas Mavericks

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly preparing to compete in the postseason without megastar forward LeBron James.

James suffered a tendon injury in his right foot after a clumsy fall against the Dallas Mavericks and was seen telling his teammates he heard his foot “pop” in spooky scenes.

The NBA’s all-time points-scorer was able to play through the rest of the game but was subsequently ruled out indefinitely while tests were conducted on the 38-year-old. However, the Lakers have now learned that James has suffered a right tendon injury and will be out for at least three weeks.

The team will then re-evaluate James at the end of the three weeks, raising fears he could miss the rest of the regular season. The Lakers are currently fighting for a place in the playoffs after a respectable winning streak, but are now back in first place.

The Lakers are now 2.5 games away from automatically making the playoffs, but are closer to making the play-in tournament to reach the postseason.

And according to ESPN’s senior NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers are preparing for life without James going into the postseason. Speaking to SportsCenter, Wojnarowski said: “Three weeks for a re-evaluation doesn’t mean he’s back in three weeks.

LeBron James has been out for at least three weeks

“Now you’ve lost another ten games in this window, which is where the last ten games of the regular season, which ends in early April, are. The Lakers are gearing up to have their postseason run without LeBron James this regular season.

“They probably don’t have enough right now to go 6th like Darvin Ham was hoping for, but they certainly have enough of the 10th seed in the west in the play-in to hang out with New Orleans. the Utah Jazz and hope they can make the playoffs if LeBron James can come back.


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